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Tuesday, Jun 18th

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To enter the power of flow we need to believe, trust, and surrender to the will of Allah.“Allah is in the midst of me, and Allah believes in me” This is the first premise for us all, most particularly when we feel troubled, burdened and confused.  There is but one mind, one force, one power above all else, and that is Allah, the Creator, the Nourisher and Sustainer. Each one of us is a unique expression of the Divine mind, placed on the Earth to fulfill a divine purpose.  As long as we are aware of this, there is nothing we need, or need to know, that is beyond our immediate recognition.Everything we need is already in our subconscious, which is consciousness of the Supreme.  The very fact that it is a thoughtmeans it already exists.   The infinite intelligence in our subconscious is Allah.

Allah knows our needs even before we ask.  To believe truly means to be conscious of Allah at all times. Allah says “I am closer than your jugular vein”. Often we focus on the problem and not on the presence of the Divine.  Learn to be still, ask the question, and listen for the answer.  When you are still, the intellectual {conscious} mind becomes quiet and the spiritual {subconscious) will unfold and soar.  Your consciousness of the Divine within you will be activated and you will be infused with a sense of peaceful well being. To get to this state will be you need to have a deep desire to be close to your Creator, you cannot want it for any other reason.  The process will be hard, the pitfalls many, but be loving, compassionate with yourself.  Allah is forgiving, most merciful, so be patient and forgiving with yourself as you slip and struggle.  Every failure, every stumbling block is sent not just to test you, but to actually fortify you.
When you consider giving up, remember that if you remain in your comfort zone, you are not growing.  It is necessary for humans to grow so that they may become the people they are meant to be. 
Faith is not learnt or acquired. We possess faith because we are alive, because Allah created us.  Faith comes from knowing and believing in the perfect operation of the spiritual laws of Allah.  With true Iman, you believe these laws will work to your benefit.  Not knowing this will cause you to believe that someone or something can allow something to happen, or can prevent it.
Once we believe, it follows naturally that we develop trust.  With implicit trust, we accept that the activity of Allah is only good.  If what we desire is part of Allah’s plan for us, it will come to pass.  Be conscious of the fact that faith will not necessarily get you what you want; it will depend on why you want it.  If you want something or do something first for the love of Allah, you will be rewarded.
Faith will make you realize that what Allah intends for you, will materialize. Once you believe and trust, you surrender.
Surrender is to release emotionally and mentally; acknowledging the power of spiritual activity and obeying the spiritual principle.  This leads to an act acceptance, which results in peace and well being.

Don’t expect that once you embark on a spiritual journey you automatically become perfect, that you never get angry, and is always loving and supportive.  This is not true; you will still be prone to normal human responses.  The difference now is that now you have the tools to work with. When engulfed by negative emotion, admit what you feel and then let go. When you remember that Islam is about submitting to Allah’s will, you can surrender before you engage the influence of the negative emotion. Experiencing the feeling is acceptable, what you do in response to it will define you.

Surrender reminds us that a divine law is operating, and we are always accountable to that law.  By surrendering we admit that whatever happens, we can choose how we react to it.  When we believe, trust and surrender, we are not giving up. We are entering the flow of Allah’s will. We realize what we fear has no power, in flow we can plan and move through what we fear.
With surrender we are open to our spirituality; heart and mind is opened for Allah to give us a new idea, a new thought.  Simply put, when you are in flow, you give up control and you open the way for Allah’s miracle to work through you. In this state, you give yourself up to prayer, heart and soul. Prayer is the direct communication between yourself and your Creator. Prayer is an opportunity to stop, listen, be aware of, and grateful to our Creator.  We do it to connect with Allah, but if we are not present, it becomes meaningless.

Prayer is a form of tapping into the divine within us, connecting with the spirit that is inside of us, not somewhere out there.  Whether our prayer is a request, or a declaration that what we need already exists, our mental, physical and emotional bodies are brought into alignment.  This alignment of body, spirit, and mind ignites the divine spark within us.  We need to acknowledge the divine presence within us, and ask Allah to give us the necessary strength to do what needs to be done.  We always know what to do, we are just not aware of it. Pray for the ability to see the answer.
With prayer we demonstrate faith and willingness to receive what already exists.  It is an affirmation of Allah’s power to give us what we need, in ALLAH’S time.  Our trust grows out of faith in the truth that it is good for us.  In being open to receive, we acknowledge our trust in Allah.  We tap into the spiritual within ourselves, asking for what we, or someone else needs. Our needs will always be met, according to how ready we are, and according to Allah’s will.  Prayer is asking for strength to know what you must do.  What you need may already be there, and you are simply unaware.  Do not blindly ask for help; ask for the means to help yourself.   Do it with conviction and trust that you will know it when it appears, do it for the strength to do what is necessary.  Prayer is calling forth the divine, calling on Allah who created you and who will not allow you to suffer.  Only you can make yourself suffer.
Insha-Allah, with faith, trust and prayer, you will be in flow.

©Jasmine Khan

The way of water

Have you ever stopped to watch moving water?
Do you see how effortlessly it flows?
Be it from a tap, a pond or a river?
Now watch when it encounters an obstacle.
Do you see the water chewing its nails?
Or gnashing its teeth in frustration?
Does the water whine and complain?
‘Why is this happening to me?’
Or ‘I am so unlucky’.
The water just effortlessly flows around the obstacle,
Or it goes over it, calmly with no agitation at all.
You are witnessing the power of flow.

You affirmation should be:
“Oh Allah, there is nothing outside of you that has any power over me”.
©Jasmine Khan


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