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Circle of Saints / Kramats at the Cape : Update on the Stakeholder Public Participation Process - Call for Public Meetings & Nomination of More Karaamats for consideration

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Kramat stakeholders are called up to give additional input on the HWC statutory Public Participation process initiated by HERITAGE WESTERN CAPE : Thursday, July 1, 2010 PUBLIC MEETINGS ( FOR KRAMAT STAKEHOLDERS) ? If there is a need for public meetings in which to discuss issues regarding the nomination for declaration of kramats for Provincial Heritage Sites please do let us know so that we may set up useful and meaningful open discussions that can offer assistance to as many people as possible. Please suggest good times, i.e. weekends or week days, afternoons or mornings, and potential places for such meetings (at the kramats?). [snip] Thanks Emmylou Rabe Heritage Consultant Posted by zoolou at 10:10 AM 0 comments ======================================================================= RECONSIDERATION OF KRAMATS TO BE INCLUDED IN THE NOMINATION ( FOR PROVINCIAL HERITAGE

SITE STATUS) Thanks to everyone who has already given information and comment on the process. A meaningful declaration is not possible without your input. In light of comment and suggestion from interested and affected parties it has been decided that a reconsideration of kramats to be included in the nomination is required. Tuan Matarah is protected within the Robben Island World Heritage Site (RIWHS), Sheikh Yusuf in Faure is in the process of being declared a National Heritage Site and all the kramats included in Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) are protected already as the whole park has been declared a National Heritage Site. Please identify and comment on any kramats that are known to be without heritage protection currently. Please also identify any kramats known to be protected within the TMNP. Also, any information on the current management situation of kramats already under protection from TMNP or RIWHS is welcomed. Thanks in advance. Emmylou Rabe Heritage Consultant Posted by zoolou at 10:06 AM 0 comments Please visit HWC public participation forum website :


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