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Monday, Jun 24th

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It’s the holy month of Ramadan, the first thing we think of abstaining from is food and drink. This is not of course the only abstinence, but the one we focus on. When deprived of food and drink for any length of time, the body goes into de-tox. All harmful substances are purged, yet the body continues to function. How merciful is our body, that without the needed sustenance,   blood continues to flow, lungs continue to take in air, and all other functions work perfectly.  Should we not be grateful for the amazing piece of engineering that is our body?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Along comes the time of breaking the fast, and what do we do. We consume foods that are harmful to the body, to the digestion. Into this perfect body, which has served us so wonderfully as we fast, we pour into it all kinds of fats and sugar. Traditionally we consume samoosas, pies, pancakes and doughnuts. The fact that this has always been so, does not mean it is the right thing to do. How about rewarding the body, and not our senses?
How about rewarding this magnificent body with good nourishing foods? This could be very hard for us to change.  Perhaps we are ready for a mind shift towards a healthier and more rewarding Ramadan.

When we are grateful for something, we want to reward. Resolve now to reward our bodies with for example, fresh fruit and vegetables. These are foods from nature; it comes directly from our Creator. It is a fact that fruits and vegetables that comes from the soil, ripened by the sun, and is filled with subtle organized electric fields that add to your own fields of life. The sun organises the water molecules, adding a vibration to food that no other source can offer. Live sun-ripened foods are storehouses of nutrients and flavours that refresh our minds and bodies; they have captured the sun’s life-giving force and have converted it into a consumable fuel for living. Our bodies are 70% water, so juice the fruit and veg if you can. In this liquid form they become highly concentrated nutrient sources, packed with living enzymes and tingling elements that boost your energy. This will make you more mentally alert, as well as spiritually rejuvenated, ready for the rigours of staying without food for the rest of the month, Insha’Allah.


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