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Monday, Jun 24th

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Ramadan is the month in which the Quran was revealed, not just for the Barakah attached to reciting it, although this is without measure. The primary reason is for us to understand and live by its word. Allah says in several places in Quran: why will you not seek to understand the Quran? And why will you not reflect on the Quran? During this month all of us all of us hasten to recite a complete Khattam of the Quran, but how many of us understand what we are reciting. Is it time to move a little further, and seek to understand what we are reading? Tradition points one way, and it is hard to shift. We do not have to reject those of previous generations, let us take what is good and build on it. So, in addition to reciting the Quran, take an English translation, and as you recite, read what it means, so that we may truly live the Quran. Do, however remember the benefits of reciting, they are absolutely without measure.


The Quran came as guidance to mankind, for all times. In order to live according to the Quran, as we are supposed to do, we have to understand it. It is time to make the shift. It is also important to know and make use of the benefits of reading the Quran. It calms the mind, soothes the heart, it brings peace to frayed nerves and anxiety attacks. Most important, it can heal.

A psychologist from Holland, van der Hoeven, did some research and experiments over three years, and found that listening to the Quran can cure psychological illnesses. He did the experiment on people who had never heard the Quran, those who had, but could not understand Arabic, and those who could. In all cases it helped, especially with those who suffered from dejection and tension. Subhanallah, we have it in our daily lives. He also trained his patients to pronounce the word Allah, and found that pronouncing the first letter A, released from the respiratory system controls the breathing. Releasing the L relaxes the aspiration, and when saying the last letter H, it makes a contact between the lungs and the heart, and this controls the heart beat.

We can clearly see the benefits of reciting the Holy Quran, how much more powerful if we can understand and then truly live the Quran, Insha’Allah.

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