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With many legal matters, Muslims suffer a double headache, the oft-conflicting requirements of religious and civil law. While the remedy seems a no-brainer, for various reasons  many Muslims fail to make use of these services. Here are some guides on how to go about making use of legal services in an Islamicly correct way.

Al Wasiyya - Drafting the Islamic Will

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There are only 2 certainties in life: death and Nabi ’Isa’s (AS) second coming. While agreement amongst Muslims exist for the one, great confusion reigns about the other, judging by the majority of Muslims who die without leaving behind a valid Will. The reasons for this sad state of affairs are unclear, but the tragic repercussions for those left behind are all too familiar. This article is an attempt at rectifying this needless transgression of the Shariah.
We are fully aware of the complexities, both religious and legal, in drafting such an important document, and would strongly urge all Muslims to approach a legal professional well-acquainted with the Shariah requirements to complete this task. To encourage Muslims