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When death occur it is the duty of the family to make the necessary arrangements for the burial of the deceased. There are certain legal requirements that must be met and other procedures to be followed. The guide describes these procedures and provide a step-by-step guide to arranging a Janaazah.

Janaazah Salaah

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Janaazah Salaah
The salaah on the dead body of a Muslim, young or old, even of infants who have lived for a few minutes or seconds, is a social obligation (FARDU KIFAAYAH) that we owe to the dead.
The prayer may be held in a mosque, or in an open space or even in the graveyard if sufficient space be available there.

1. Place the MAYYIT in front with the head on the right of the Imam.
2. The Imam should stand opposite the head of the deceased in the deceased is a male and opposite the waist if the deceased is a female.
3. Form an odd number of ranks (SUFOOF) close to one another because no SUJOOD have to be performed.