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Critical and praiseworthy evaluations of interesting and exciting places, books, cds, dvds and other resources on our beautiful deen.

Review on " Expierience the flow"by Jasmine Khan

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The author was inspired to write this motivational and practical guide book when she became enlightened very late in her life after realising she was carrying the baggage of unresolved feelings and recognising that she was harbouring anger. The person who pointed out her “toxic” feelings guided her to the door of hope and as she took baby steps in ridding all negative feelings she experienced a transformation of emotional healing.


She reflects and writes about “spring cleaning your heart” as part of clearing out the emotional blockages. While dealing with negative emotions, a ten day emotional detox plan is necessary to reclaim one’s true self. She says: “All feelings are normal. However, the behaviour as a result of those feelings is not always acceptable”. Anyone can follow this detox plan to experience the flow of inner transformation while getting rid of feelings of regret, guilt, doubt, fear, confusion, frustration, disappointment, being envious, anger and feelings of loneliness.

Achmat Davids: The Afrikaans of the Cape Muslims - book release

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The Master Thesis of the late Achmat Davids : The Afrikaans of the Cape Muslims from 1815 to 1915 which mainly documented the story of Arabic-Afrikaans as used in the Bo-Kaap - the cultural precinct of the Cape Muslim community and the Cradle of Islam on the lower slopes of Signal Hill will soon be released in book form as "The Afrikaans of the Cape Muslims by Achmat Davids" by a Pretoria based Africana publishing house. This publication will hopefully shed more light on the existence of Cape Muslim Afrikaans as a useful primary source for broadening our historical understanding of the linguistic roots and nature of Afrikaans, especially the development of Cape Afrikaans as a dialect. According to the urban grapevine, a close colleague of the late Achmat Davids and a prominent figure in history of Afrikaans language circles have led the editorial team in transforming his Master thesis of the University of Natal , now UKZN into easy, readable book form. More book launch details to follow.

Best Selling Books & DVD’s

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Title: 77 Selected Stories
Author: Sheikh Abubakr Najaar
No. pages: 252
Recommended Retail Price: R40-00

This classic compilation of stories extracted from the Holy Quran is an excellent introduction to its vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Written by one of the Cape’s finest ever scholars, its narrative style makes riveting reading, for the young and old. Sheikh Najaar’s vast knowledge of the Quran and Islamic sciences enabled him to elaborate, contextualise and dramatise without sacrificing any authenticity, a major achievement indeed. From stories about the beginning of creation, through the missions of the Prophets and the great events in the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the

Best Books

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1. Secrets of secrets

By: Sh Abdul Qadir Jilani

This book reveals the very essence of Sufism, showing how outwards practices such as prayer, fasting, almsgiving contains a wealth of inner dimensions which must be discovered and enjoyed if external actions are to be performed in a manner in pleasing Allah.

2. Al Mufidah

By Sh M.A Fakier

It is a book on basic and general Islamic knowledge, taking you from the Kalima to the Hajj. What is so good of the book, after each chapter there is a test. This is an outstanding book for converts to Islam.

LEISURE GUIDE - Part 1 (Top Book Reviews)

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1. The Forty Ahaadeeth on Islamic Revival by Sheikh Abdullah Hakim Quick

As the new millennium dawns, Muslims are faced with ever increasing challenges. Islamic solutions based on original, authentic Islamic sources are sought after. He brings a fresh, progressive Islamic approach to the well-renowned 40 Hadith applying this to the context of the modern Muslim world. Sheikh Abdullah Hakim has studied at the Islamic University of Medina and  holds a PhD on the History of Islam in Africa at the University of Toronto, Canada. He has served as Imam, teacher and counsellor in the USA, Canada and the West Indies. He contributed to the religious page of Canada’s leading newspaper for three years. Currently, he is the Director of the Da’wah Department of the Muslim Judicial Council. He has written numerous articles and publications – more information can be accessed on from Discover Islam Centre, Lansdowne Road)