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Duah in Islam is a wonderful gift granted to Muslims to appeal directly to our Creator. Duah provides the framework within which dependent Man appeal to his Omnipotent Lord. The more man raises  his hands in supplication , the more he realizes his utter dependency and Reality of his Creator. Milestones like birthdays and anniversaries are also occasions to reflect upon the endless Mercies of our Creator, along with the balance sheet of our good and not-so-good deeds. Duah thus also serves as a powerful bridgehead between our natural and supernatural worlds.

Duah when it rains

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Allahum maj ‘alhu sa babba raghmatin wa laa taj ‘alhu sa babba ‘athaa bi

O Allah! Make it the cause of Thy blessings and do not make it the cause of trouble.

Duah after meals

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Alghamdu lil laa hilla thee ‘at ‘amma naa wa sa qaa naa wa ja ‘alla naa muslimeen

Duah before meals

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Bismillaahi wa ‘alaa bara ka til laaIn the name of Allah, and with the blessings from Allah.

Duah on arising from sleep

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Alghamdu lillaa hil lathee agh yaa naa ba’damaa amaa ta naa wa i lay hin nushoor.
Laa ilaa ha illalaahu wagh da hu laa sharee kalla hu, la hul mulku wa la hul ghamdu  wa hu wa ‘alaa kulli shay in qadeer

Duah when going to sleep

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Allahumma qinee ‘athaa ba ka yo ma tab ‘athu ‘ibaa dak
O Allah! Save me from the pangs of the Day Thou will resurrect Thy servants.


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