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Athkaar good for protection against calamaties

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A 'oo thu bi kalli maa til laa hit taam maa ti min shar ri maa gha laq
I seek refuge in the most perfect words of Allah against the evil He created.

Bis mil laa hil la thee laa ya dur ru ma 'as mi hee shay un fil ar di wa laa fis sa maa i wa hu was sa mee ’ul aleem
In the name of Allah through Whose name nothing in heaven or on earth can harm, and He is the All-hearing, the All-seeing.


Has bu nal laa hu wa ni' mal wa keel, ni' mal mow laa wa ni' man na seer
For us Allah suffices, and He is the best disposer of affairs. He is the best to protect and the best to help.


Laa i laa ha il laa an ta sub ghaa na ka in nee kun tum mi nath thau li meen
There is no true God but Thou; glory be to Thee I was indeed wrong

Yaa ghay yu yaa qay yoom, bi rah ma ti ka as ta gheeth, as lih lee sha' nee kul la hoo  wa laa ta kil nee i laa naf see tor fa ta ’ayn
O Thou! The Living, the Self-subsisting, I seek help through Thy Eternal Mercy, make right all my affairs and do not assign me to myself for one moment.

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