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Yaa Nabi salaam ‘a lay ka
O Prophet, protection is on thee!

Yaa rasool salaam ‘a lay ka
O Messenger, protection is on thee!

Yaa gha bee salaam ‘a lay ka
O Beloved, protection is on thee!

Sol la waa tul laa hi ‘a lay ka
The blessings of Allah is on thee! Ash ra qal badr ru ‘ alay naa
The full moon shone upon us.

Fag ta faat min hool bu du ri
As it (the moon) protects the other stars

Mith la ghus ni ka maa ra ay naa
Just as its beauty, like we’ve never seen before

Qattu yaa waj has su roo ri
O, face of Happiness (to those who look at it)

An ta shams sun an ta badr run
Thou art a Sun, Thou art a full moon

An ta nu run fou qo noo ri
Thou art a light, above all other light.

An ta ik si ru wa ghaa lee
Thou art the light-giver and more worthy that that.

An ta mies ba ghus su doo ri
Thou art the lantern of the East.

Yaa gha bee bi yaa Muhammad
O my Beloved, O Mugammad

Yaa ‘a roo sal ghaa fi qay nee
O Bridegroom of the East and the West

Yaa mu ay yad yaa mu maj jad
O Those who are helped. O those who are elevated.

Yaa I maa mal qib la tay nee
O Imam of the two Qiblahs

Mar ra aa waj haka yas ’aah
Those who see Thy face, becomes happy

Yaa ka reem mal waa li day nee
O Prophet, whose parents are honoured

Ghou du kas saa fil mu bar rad
Thou art a dam of clear cold water

Wir du naa you man nu shu ree
This will be the place where we will come to for water on the Day of Resurrection.

Ma a ra ay nal ‘eesa gan nat
We did not see the camels travel in the night to someone faraway.

Bis su raa il laa i lay ka
But to Thee

Wal gha maa ma qod a thol lat
And the clouds definitely formed a shadow (to protect the Prophet from the sun)

Wal ma laa sol loo  ‘a lay ka
And the people blessed the Prophet

Wa a taa kal ‘oe du yab ki
And the old camel came to thee whilst it was crying

Wa ta thal lal bay na ya day ka
And he (the old camel) was humble before thee.

Was ta jaa rat yaa gha bee bi
And he sought protection, O, my Beloved.

‘Ayn da kath thob youn nu foo roe
From thee, this fearful reindeer that wanted to flee.

‘Ayn da maa shad doel ma haa meel
Until they tied the luggage onto the camels’ backs.

Wa ta naa dou lir ra ghee li
And the one called upon the other to make the journey to Medina to visit the Prophet.

Ji’t tu hum wad dam ‘u saa il
So I went to join them with tears in my eyes.

Qul tu qif li yaa da lee lu
So I told the one who showed the way to stop for me.

Wa ta gham mal lee ra saa il
And carry away some letters

Ay yu hash shaw qul ja zee lu
O, elevated desire.

Nagh wa haa tee kal ma naa zil
Carry it in the direction of that place, Madinah!

Fil ‘a shi yyi wal bu koo ree
In the twilight of the evening and the dawn of the day

Kul lu man fil kou ni haa moo
All that is in the creation, the believers started to love.

Fee ka yaa baa heel ja bee ni
And O thee, who art beautiful from forehead!

Wa la hum fee ka hga raa mu
And they also have love for thee.

Wash ti yaa quw wa gha nee nu
And their hearts desire and long for thee.

Fee ma ‘aa nee kal a naa mu
And of they elevated manners the people were all surprised

Qod ta bad dat ghaa i ree na
And they are all incompetent to realize.

An ta lir ru su li hgi taa mun
That thou art the last of all the Messengers.

An ta lil mow laa sha koo ru
Thou art the one that thanks Allah.

‘Abd du kal mis kee nu yar joo
Thy humble slaves wish

Fad la kal jam mal hga fee ra
Thy many favours.

Fee ka qod ah san tu thonnee
I clean my mind towards thee.

Yaa ba shee ru yaa na thee ru
O Messenger of good news, and the one who warns us of Allah’s punishment!

Fa-a-ghith nee wa a jir nee
Help and protect me!

Yaa mu jee ru mi nas sa ‘ee ri
O, protector of the Fire.

Yaa gha yaa thee, yaa ma laa thee
O my helper, O my protector.

Fee mu him ma teel u moo ri
In the important and difficult things of thy affairs (i.e. strife)

Sa ‘id da ‘abd dun qod ta mal laa
A slave who is very fond of the prophet became glad.

Wan ja laa ‘an hul ha zee nu
And the sorrow left him.

Fee ka yaa bad run ta jal laa
And thou, O, full moon that printed out.

Fa la kal whas ful ha see nu
For thou art the beautiful character described.

Lay sa az kaaa min ka aus laa
There is none more pure in heritage than thee.

Qattu yaa jad dal husaini
No, never! O grandfather of Ghoesain!

Fa ‘a lay kal laa hu sol laa
May Allah pass blessings on thee!

Daa i-man tu lad du hoo ri
Forever, as long as time exists.

Yaa wa li yal gha sa naa ti
O, Guardian of the good.

Yaa ra fee ‘ad daa ra jaa tee
O, Highest of grades

Kaf fir ‘an nith thu noo bi
Protect me from the sins.

Wahg fir ‘an nis say yi aa tee
And forgive me for the misdeeds I pleaded.

An ta ghaf faa rul gha taa yaa
Thou, the One who pardons the sins of man!

Wath thu noo bil maw bi qaatee
And pardon us from the sins which lead to the downfall of humanity.

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Anta sat taa rul ma saa wee
You who are the Protector of the wrong things.

Wa mu qee lul ‘a tha raa ti
And the one who takes away the sins!

‘Aa li mus sir ree wa agh faa
Thou art the All-knowing of all the hidden secrets!

Mus ta jee bud da’ waa tee
Thou art the acceptor of all prayers.

Rab bi far ham naa ja mee ‘aa
O, my Lord! Be merciful on all of us.
Wam hu ‘an nas say yi aa tee
And may Allah erase our sins.

Rab bi far gham naa ja mee ‘aa
Oh my Lord! Be merciful on all of us.

Bi ja mee ‘is so li haa tee
In consideration of our good deeds.




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