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Ar-Rahman -the All Merciful
Ar-Rahim -the All Beneficient
Al-Malik -the Absolute Ruler
AI-Quddus -the Pure One
As-Salam -the Savior
Al-Mu'min -the Inspirer of Faith
Al-Muhaymin -the Guardian
Al-`Aziz -the Victorious
Al Jabbar -the Compeller
Al-Mutakabbir -the Greatest AI-Khaliq -the Creator
Al-Bari' -the Maker of Order
Al-Musawwir -the Shaper of Beauty
Al-Ghaffar -the Forgiving
Al-Qahhar -the Crusher
Al-Wahhab -the Giver of All
Ar-Razzaq -the Sustainer
Al-Fattah -the Opener
Al-'Alim -the Knower of All
Al-Qabid -the Constrictor
Al-Basit -the Reliever
Al-Khafid -the Abaser
Ar-Rafi' -the Exalter
Al-Mu'izz -the Bestower of Honors
Al-Mudhill -the Humiliator
As-Sami -the Hearer of All
Al-Basir -the Seer of All
Al-Hakam -the judge
Al-`Adl -the Just
Al-Latif -the Subtle One
Al-Khabir -the All-Aware
Al-Halim -the Forebearing
Al-`Azim -the Magnificent
Al-Ghafur -the Forgiver and Hider of Faults
Ash-Shakur -the Rewarder of Thank¬fulness
Al-'Ali -the Highest
AI-Kabir -the Greatest
Al-Hafiz -the Preserver
Al-Muqit -the Nourisher
Al-Hasib -the Accounter
Al-Jalil -the Mighty
Al-Karim -the Generous
Ar-Raqib -the Watchful One
Al-Mujib -the Responder to Prayer
Al-Wasi' -the All-Comprehending
AI-Hakim -the Perfectly Wise
Al-Wadud -the Loving One
Al-Majid -the Majestic One
Al-Ba'ith -the Resurrector
Ash-Shahid -the Witness
Al-h Haqq -the Truth
Al-Wakil -the Trustee
Al-Qawi -the Possesser of All Strength
Al-Matin -the Forceful One
Al-Wall -the Friend and Protector
Al-Hamid -the Praised One
Al-Muhsi -the Appraiser
Al-Mubdi -the Originator
Al-Mu'id -the Restorer
Al-Muhyi -the Giver of Life
Al-Mumit -the Taker of Life
Al-Hayy -the Everliving One
Al-Qayyum -the Self-Existing One
Al-Wajid -the Finder
Al-Majid -the Glorious
Al-Wahid -the Only One
Al-Ahad -The One
As-Samad -the Satisfier of all Needs
Al-Qadir -the All Powerful
AI-Muqtadir -the Creator of All Power
AI-Muqaddim -the Expediter
Al-Mu'akhkhir -the Delayer
Al-Awwal -the First
AI-Akhir -the Last
Az-Zahir -the Manifest One
Al-Batin -the Hidden One
Al-Wali -the Governor
Al-Muta'ali -the Supreme One
Al-Barr -the Doer of God
At-Tawwib -the Guide to Repen¬tance
Al-Muntaqim -the Avenger
Al-Afu -the Forgiver
Ar-Ra'uf -the Clement
Malik al-Mulk -the Owner of All
Dhul-Jalali Wal-Ikram -the Lord of Majesty and Bounty
Al-Muqsit -the Equitable One
Al-Jami` -the Gatherer
Al-Ghani -the Rich One
Al-Mughni -the Enricher
Al-Mani` -the Preventer of Harm
Ad-Darr -the Creator of the Harm¬ful
An-Nafi` -the Creator of Good
An-Nur -the Light
Al-Hadi -the Guide
Al-Badi -the Originator
Al-Baqi -the Everlasting One
Al-Warith -the Inheritor of All
Ar-Rashid -the Righteous Teacher
As-Sabur -the Patient One

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