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The Shariah requires of every mukallaf person to know the attributes of Allah (swt).
The word Sifaat means attributes, the singular form is Si’fah. There are 20 Sifaat that are waajib (essential) for Allah.

1. Al-Wujood (Takwin?) – Existence. All existence and action depend upon Him.
2. Al-Qidam – Without beginning. He is before the before. He did not become. He always was.
3. Al-Baqaa – Infiniteness. He is after the after, Eternal. He always will be.
4. Mu’kaa la fa tu hoo ta’alaa lil hawaadithi – He the Exalted being unlike to any of the contigents. He is the Creator, bearing no resemblance to the created.
5. Qi yaa mu hoo bi naf sih – Self subsistent or self existent, without any needs
6. Al wah daa niy yah – Oneness. He is unique, without partner, without resemblance, the cause of all
7. Al-Qudrah – Power. All power is His
8.Al-iraadah – Free will or choice. All will is His
9. Al-ilm – Knowledge.

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Allah is all-knowing
10. Al-hayaah – Life. Allah is ever-living
11. As sam’u – Hearing. Allah is all-hearing
12. Al Basar – Sight. Allah is all-seeing
13. Al Kalaam – Speech. The word, all that is taught, is His
14. Kau nuhoo ta’alaa qaadiraa – He the Most Exalted being Powerful
15. Kau nuhoo ta’’alaa mureedaa – He the Exalted being free chooser
16. Kau nuhoo ta’alaa ’aalimaa – He the Most Exalted being all-knowing
17. Kau nuhoo ta ‘alaa ghay yaa – He the Most Exalted being Alive
18.Kau nuhoo ta ‘alaa sa mee’aa – He the Most Exalted being All-Hearing
19. Kau nuhoo ta ‘alaa basee raa – He the Most Exalted being the All-Seeing
20. Kau nuhoo ta ‘alaa muta kal lima – He the Most Exalted being All-Speaking


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