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The Virtues of Tahmeed, Tahleel, and Tasbeeh

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Tahmeed is to say 'Al-hamdu lillãhi

Tahleel is to say Lã 'ilãha 'illã 'allãhu

Tasbeeh is to say Subhana 'allãhi

The Messenger of Allah said: "Whoever says:

Lã 'ilãha 'illã 'allãhu wahdahu lã shareeka lahu, lahulmulku wa lahul hamdu wa huwa `alã kulli shay'in qadeerun
There is no 'ilãh except Allah, no partner does He have; his is the Kingdom, and to Him is all Praise, and He is ever-able to do everything

100 times would get the reward of manumitting ten slaves, one hundred good deeds would be written for him, one hundred sins would be remitted from him, it would be a shield for him from the Shaytan

that day till night, and nobody would arrive with better than what he arrived with except for one that had done more than him."


Reporters Reported in Saheeh 'Al-Bukhãri and Saheeh Muslim.

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