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Prophets of Allah

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The Messenger Believes In That Which Has Been Revealed Unto Him From His Lord And So Do The Believers. Each One Believes In Allah And His Angels And His Scriptures And His Messengers -We Make No Distinction Between Any Of Them.
We don't know exactly how many prophets and messengers there were. There are some who say that the number of Am'biyaa/prophets were one hundred and forty thousand, and that there were three hundred and thirteen Ru'sul/messengers. It is incumbent upon every Muslim to know the names of all the prophets and messengers named in the Quran are twenty five.


A Rasool is a messenger of Allah, who received the revelation and is com¬manded to convey the message to the people he is sent to. The plural form of the word Rasool is Ru'sul. A Nabi is a prophet of Allah, who received the revelation, but is not commanded to convey it to the people. The Nabi nevertheless must inform the public of his status, that he is a Nabi so that he should be respected as such. The plural form of the word Nabi is Am'biyaa. The Messenger receives a law but a Nabi makes use of the law of the messenger who appeared before him or during his time. We thus understand that every Rasool (messenger) is a Nabi (prophet), but every Nabi is not a Rasool. There are other interpretations and definitions as to the meaning of Rasool and Nabi.

The first of the prophets was Nabi Aadam (AS), and the last of the prophets is our prophet Muhammad (SAW). No prophet or messenger will appear after him, for he is the last Nabi and the last Rasool. He is the seal of prophethood, and his book the Quran is the last book.


1. As'sid'q truthfulness
2. At'tab'leegh complete conveyance of the message
3. Al-fataanah  (very high) intelligence
4. Al-is'mah/al-amaanah infallibility/sinlessness

Herewith is a list of the 25 prophets whose names appear in the Holy Quran, along with a brief description of key events in their lives.

Quranic/Islamic Name Biblical/Christian Name Highlights

1 Aadam Adam Honoured by Allah Almighty as the first man to be created from clay. Thereafter Allah put His own Spirit in him and gave him knowledge, making Man higher than all other life forms. Aadam and Hawwa (Eve) lived in the Jannah but was misled by Iblees to disobey Allah’s commands. They turned to Allah for forgiveness and were shown Mercy and further guidance, being instructed to leave Paradise and settle on Earth.
2 Id’rees Enoch Fifth generation descendant of Aadam. Invented basic form of writing.
3 Nuh Noah Ordered by Allah (SWT) to build an Ark in the desert after all his pleas had fallen on deaf ears of unbelievers. Just before the rains came, Nuh and his small party along with a pair of each animal species, boarded the ark. Despite Nuh’s supplications to his Creator, his son refused to board the ship of Tougheed. This proves that salvation does not lie in blood relations but in deeds.
4 Hood Eber People of ‘Ad were renowned for erecting lofty buildings which made them arrogant and boastful. They were destroyed by a violent windstorm, sparing only Hud and his followers.
5 Saulih Methu selah The miraculous emergence of a huge she-camel from the mountain stunned the arrogant people of Thamud who nevertheless refused to believe and were thus destroyed.
6 Ibraheem Abraham Father of monotheism endured a life of numerous trials which tested his faith to the utmost. Thrown into huge fire which did not harm him (Khalifatullah/friend of Allah). Challenged King Namrod to change the order of the rising sun to prove his power. Left his son Ismaeel and wife Hajar alone in the desert from where the miraculous spring of zam zam originated. Ordered by Allah to sacrifice his beloved son Ismaeel who displayed equal faith in urging his father to carry out Allah’s commands. Later the two of them were ordered to build the Ka’bah.
7 Loot Lot Two angels disguised as handsome men were sent to Sodom. The homosexual tendencies of the menfolk condemned their town to be destroyed.
8 Ismaa’eel Ishmael Miraculously born to Ibraheem and Sarah when both were very old.
9 Isghaaq Isaac Second son of Ibraheem (aged 100 years) and Sarah. Ancestor of Jewish people.
10 Ya’coob Jacob His twelve sons from his 4 wives gave rise to the Bani Israeel – children of Israeel. One of the sons was Yusuf.
11 Yusuf Joseph Thrown into a well by his brothers. Sold as slave to Governor of Egypt. His extreme handsomeness induced Zuleikha to attempt to seduce him. At a subsequent banquet her guests cut their fingers as they stared in awe of him. His ability to interpret the dream of the King secured his release from prison and a high official position. The drought he foresaw in the king’s dream forced his brothers to come to Egypt for grain and through his piety and wisdom Yusuf was finally reunited with his whole family, including father Ya’coob who had miraculously regained his eyesight.
12 Ay’yoob Job His extreme patience and firm faith when adversity after adversity struck thwarted the plans of Shaytaan and he was rewarded by Allah.
13 Shuaib Jethro Exposed his people for giving short measures and hiding defects of goods.
14 Thul-Kifl Ezekiel Allah restored life to his followers after they had died from calamities as a result of their disobedience.
15 Moosa Moses Cast into a basket on a river as a newborn baby and taken into the household of Pharoah, yet breastfed by own mother. Ordained with prophethood when Allah (SWT) commanded him to cast down his staff which turned into a snake. Feat repeated in front of Pharoah, magicians and people. Led Children of Israeel out of Egypt but was confronted with sea in front of and Pharoah’s army in pursuit. After smiting the sea with his staff, the water parted, Musa and his followers crossed and Pharoah and his army drowned. Musa’s meeting with the wise man Khidr taught him many lessons about life and knowledge.
16 Haaroon Aaron Accompanied his brother Usa when he confronted the mighty Pharoah.
17 Daawood David As a youth he challenged and defeated the giant Jaloot (Goliath) with sling and pebble on basis of faith. His act of bravery and kindness towards his enemy Talut won him over and changed his life. When Daawood recited the Zaboor in his melodious voice, people listened as if in a trance.
18 Sulaiman Solomon Had great wisdom, could command the winds, understand and talk to birds and animals. His army consisted of men, Jinns, birds and animals. Built original Masjidul Aqsa. Fascinating encounter with Queen Bilqees converted her to the faith of Allah. Had strange death sitting erect.
19 Il’yaas Elias Prophesised great famine to a polytheistic people who ignored his call to worship one Lord.
20 Al-Yas’a Elisha Cousin and spiritual successor to Ilyaas.
21 Yunus Jonah Survived in the belly of a fish after confessing guilt to Allah (SWT).
22 Zakariyah Zachariah Was husband of Maryam’s aunt and acted as her guardian. Discovered that fresh fruit had miraculously been brought to her room
23 Yahyaa John the Baptist Miraculous birth to barren mother and ageing Zakariyah. Cousin, contemporary and precursor to Eesaa.
24 Eesaa Jesus Miraculously born and sustained by Maryam. Spoke in the cradle. At age 30 given the Injeel as confirmation of all previous divine messages of Tougheed. Performed many miracles, including giving life to a bird he had fashioned out of a lump of clay, curing the blind, the deaf and the lepers, and finally feeding hundreds of people with a table of food that never diminished. Betrayed by Judas to the Romans. Raised unto Himself by Allah Almighty, not killed on the cross as Christians believe.
25 Muhammad Muhammed Seal of prophethood. Born in the year of the Elephant when Abraha’s army, on the brink of destroying the Ka’ba, was decimated by huge pebbles dropped from the beaks of birds. Orphaned at 6, married at 25 and received first revelation in cave of Hira at 40 years. Meccan period (13 years) was characterized by relentless oppression, slow spread and the Prophet’s miraculous journey (Israa) to Jerusalem and back. His ascension to heaven (Mi’raj) thereafter resulted in the compulsory 5 daily prayers for Muslims. The Prophet’s migration to Medina is known as the Hijrah and it heralded both the establishment of the Islamic state and the start of the Islamic calendar. Islam flourished in Medina, although a few critical battles had to be fought, notably at Badr and Uhud. The conquest of Mecca by him and his followers is unparalleled in the history as not a single drop of blood was spilled and a general amnesty declared. Muhammad’s enduring miracle for humanity was the Holy Quran, an unaltered blueprint for Man from his Creator.

May the blessings and peace of Allah be upon all them. The U'lul Az'm amongst them are the following five: Nabi Nuh (Noah), Nabi Eb'raahim (Ab¬raham), Nabi Moosa (Moses), Nabi Isa (Jesus) and Nabi Muhammad (SAW).

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