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The Qadaa and Qadr

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It is incumbent on every Muslim to believe in the Qadaa and Qadar, that whatever happens, does so with the Qadaa and Qadar of Allah. By rejecting the Qadaa and the Qadar the person is not considered a Muslim, for believing in it, is an article of faith.

Qadaa means the infinite knowledge of Allah in the Azal (the infinite knowledge of Allah with respect to eternity, concerning every thing). The Qadar is the bringing into existence of these things in accordance to Allah's infinite knowledge, e.g., it is within Allah's knowledge that a certain person will come into existence; this knowledge of Allah concerning this person is called Qadaa, and the process the person is going through until he comes into being is called the Qadar.

We must also believe that we are not forced, coerced, or compelled, but that we have a free will and a free choice, to do or not to do, to speak or not to speak and to believe or not to believe. This free will and choice of ours is called Kas'b, and it is for this Kas'b (choice) of ours that we are rewarded or punished.

It is forbidden and unlawful to use the argument of Qadaa and Qadar as an excuse and escape after committing a sin or a crime, as to avoid responsibility and blame. It has been narrated that a thief was brought to the Second Caliph, Umar Ib'nul Khat'taab (may Allah be pleased with him). He was asked "Why did you steal?" The thief answered: "that was in accord¬ance with the Qa'daa of Allah". Saydinaa Umar ordered that his hand be chopped off and that he be lashed. The thief asked why the lashes, Saydinaa Umar replied, that the chopping of the hand was for stealing, and that the lashes were for telling lies against Allah. It was said to Saydina Abdul'laah Ib'n Umar, that a group of people were committing fornication, drinking wine, stealing and murdering, claiming that these were in accordance with the knowl¬edge (Qadaa) of Allah, thus affording them no alternative. Saydinaa Abdullah became very angry saying: "All glory be to Allah, it was within Allah's knowledge that they were going to do what they were doing, but this knowledge of Allah did not force them to do it, my father told me that he heard the messenger of Allah (may the peace and blessings of Allah be upon him) said: "The likeness of the knowledge of Allah with relation to you, is like the likeness of the heavens that shadow you and the earth that carries you. You cannot escape from the heavens and the earth, likewise you cannot escape from the knowledge (Qadaa) of Allah. The heaven and the earth do not compel and force you to commit sin, likewise Allah's knowledge (Qadaa) also does not compel and force you to commit sin".


AL-YAUMIL AAKHIR is the last day of this world, it is also called YAUMUL QIYAAMAH - THE DAY OF RESURRECTION, for on that day all dead will be resurrected from their graves. Every Muslim must believe that this world will come to an end and that all mankind will appear before Allah for judgement.

On the day of Qiyaamah people will go through enormous hardships and awful fright and fear e.g. the pregnant will on account of her alarm and fright, drop her load, and the mother who feeds her child, will just drop her child and people will appear as if they are drunk. Every person will flee from his mother, father, son, daughter, wife or husband, and every body will have no time for another, for he will be too occupied with his own self.

The angels will question each person about his actions in this world. Man’s hands, feet, ears, eyes and the other parts of the body as well as the heaven and the earth, and the day and the night, and the recording angels will testify for or against the person. A Kitaab (book) will be delivered to each person wherein a complete record of all his deeds and utterances in this world will be handed to him. The Meezaan (Scales) will be brought into being, wherein the deeds of every person will be weighed, and the SIR¬AUT (bridge) will be placed over Jahannam.

We also have to believe that our bodies after it has perished and disintegrated, will again come into being and that the soul will return to it (AI'ma'aad). We also have to believe that Allah will resurrect the dead from the grave on the day of Qiyaamah (Al Ba’th). We must also believe that each and every one will appear before Allah, after he/she has been given his/her book (Kitaab), for reckoning of his actions both good and evil, and for reckoning of his utter¬ances both good and evil, every thing will be reckoned in detail. This reckoning will be dealt with by Allah for all at the same time, and this reckoning is called the Hisaab. The easiest Hisaab (reckoning) is that which Allah holds with his servant secretly, so others may not know about it. In the Quran are many verses referring to the horrors and fears of Qiyaamah, the following are quotations of it:

O Mankind ! Fear Your Lord! For the convulsion of the Hour of Judgement will be a thing terrible.
The Day you shall see it, every mother giving suck shall forget her suckling-babe,
and every pregnant female shall drop her load. Thou shall see mankind as in a drunken riot,
yet not drunk: but dread¬ful will be the wrath of Allah.

That day shall a man flee from his own brother, and from his mother and his father, and from his wife and his children. each one of them, that day, will have enough concern of his own to make him indifferent to others. Some faces that day will be beaming, laughing, rejoicing. and other faces that day will be dust-stained, blackness will cover them: such will be the rejectors of God, the doers of iniquity.


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