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Sheikh Ebrahim Gabriels

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Sh Ebrahim Gabriels was born and bred in Claremont As a result of the Group Areas Act, he was forcibly moved to Primrose Park Ext.17 near Surrey Estate where he as a younq man met up with his Ustaath, Imam Ismail Johnstone, who was a great Inspiration to him and urged him to study Arabic and the Deen of Islam. With great motivation and support from his beloved parents, he decided to further his studies in the city of our beloved Prophet (Pbuh), Medina.

He studied for nine in Medina and graduated from the Faculty of Shariah in the year 1987 and holds a BA Degree in Theology. He

also considers it a great honour and privilege to have studied under the tutorshlp of Sh Mog Armien Fakier, Sh Mog Salih Abadie and Sh Mog Ganief Moos.



He is the former President of the Muslim Judicial Council (MJC) and currently the President of the United Ulama Council of South Africa (UUCSA). He also holds the post of Imam at the Portlands Mosque in Mitchell's Plain for the past 19 years and is the President of the Darul Arqam Islamic High School in Mitchell's Plain.

He loves to teach and work amongst people especially in the disadvantaged communities. Some of the areas he taught in are: Hanover Park, Bonteheuwel, Tafelsig, Manenberg and Parkwood Estate.
He is very much committed to the plight of the. Palestinian people who are suffering under the yoke of an oppressive, repressive regime, in the struggle for justice and freedom


Inspirational Verse

My Greatest Concern is : "Am I going to make it, with my entire family - to the Eternal and everlasting success and happiness?”
And this concern extends beyond myself and my family to all my fellow - beings and their children, And I ponder - "Do we really know what this 'eternal and everlasting success and happiness' is and what do we have to do to earn it?” I am extremely concerned of how we, as parents of today - raise our children. I honestly feel that we are not doing enough to contribute to our children's spiritual development.

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In fact many parents think that by seeing to their children's worldly needs is where their responsibilities end.

That is why one of the most inspirational and motivational verses to me is in the following - Surah 66 (At-Tahrim) Aayah 6

"Oh You who believe SAVE yourselves and your families (your children) from the fire (of Jahannam) whose fuel is Human-beings and stones. Over which are appointed Angels, Stern and Severe, and who disobey not (from executing) the commands they receive from Allah, but do that which they are commanded."

Beloved Parents may the Almighty bless and Guide all of us. It is evident from this Aayah that we as parents are highly capable of saving ourselves and our families from the fire of Jahannam.
In conclusion, please contemplate on this Aayah and say to yourselves - "Just think that Allah - the Master of the day of Judgement is telling us: "SAVE yourselves and your families from the fire of Jahannam..."

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