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Best Books

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1. Secrets of secrets

By: Sh Abdul Qadir Jilani

This book reveals the very essence of Sufism, showing how outwards practices such as prayer, fasting, almsgiving contains a wealth of inner dimensions which must be discovered and enjoyed if external actions are to be performed in a manner in pleasing Allah.

2. Al Mufidah

By Sh M.A Fakier

It is a book on basic and general Islamic knowledge, taking you from the Kalima to the Hajj. What is so good of the book, after each chapter there is a test. This is an outstanding book for converts to Islam.

3. 77 Selected Stories

Sh A Najaar

A book that gives you the history of all the Prophets of Allah, from Adam to Muhammad (SAW). Although it is brief but can be used by parents to read to their children.

4. Haj and Umra made easy:

By Sh A Najaar

This book is for people that are going on haj or Umrah and whants to know all rituals of Haj and Umarah and you can carry it with you were ever you go.

5. Don’t be sad

By Aidh ibn Abdallah Al-Qarni

This is an excellent book. One that you can open up anywhere and start reading. It helps those people who grieves, depress and stressed. The book is very inspirational and very thought provoking.

6. Muslim Marriage Guide

By R Waris Maqsood

This is a total guide on marriage for old and new married couples. A very practical book especially for today. The writer have a way for explaining and helping married couples to solve the smallest problem they might have in their daily married life.

7. Muhammad

By Martin Links (also known as Sh Abubakr Sirajudeen)

The book is written in a style of a novel, which makes it different from any other book on the prophet Muhammad. He also makes reverences to very early sources.

8. Stop worrying Relax and be happy

By Sh Muhammad Al-Gazali

The book is all about renewing your life and it focuses on living according to your daily commitments. It teaches you how to eliminate causes of worry and learns you how to cope with criticism and lots more.

9. 30 Ways to achieve happiness

By Aidh ibn Abdallah Al-Qadari

This book was written by the author in two days when he was in the vicinity of the Noble Ka’ba. This book deals with the subject of happiness, asking Allah to make us happy in this world and the hereafter.

10. Ghazali & the poetics of Imagination

By Ebrahim Moosa

This book sold more than 200 opies in one month Moosa employs the theme of the threshold, or dihliz, the space from which Ghazali himself engaged the different currents of thought in his day, and proposes that contemporary Muslims who wish to place their own traditions in conversation with modern traditions consider the same vantage point. Moosa argues that by incorporating elements of Islamic theology, neoplatonic mysticism, and Aristotelian philosophy, Ghazali's work epitomizes the idea that the answers to life's complex realities do not reside in a single culture or intellectual tradition. Ghazali's emphasis on poiesis--creativity, imagination, and freedom of thought--provides a sorely needed model for a cosmopolitan intellectual renewal among Muslims, Moosa argues. Such a creative and critical inheritance, he concludes, ought to be heeded by those who seek to cultivate Muslim intellectual traditions in today's tumultuous world.


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