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Best Selling Books & DVD’s

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Title: 77 Selected Stories
Author: Sheikh Abubakr Najaar
No. pages: 252
Recommended Retail Price: R40-00

This classic compilation of stories extracted from the Holy Quran is an excellent introduction to its vast ocean of knowledge and wisdom. Written by one of the Cape’s finest ever scholars, its narrative style makes riveting reading, for the young and old. Sheikh Najaar’s vast knowledge of the Quran and Islamic sciences enabled him to elaborate, contextualise and dramatise without sacrificing any authenticity, a major achievement indeed. From stories about the beginning of creation, through the missions of the Prophets and the great events in the life of Prophet Muhammad (pbuh), the

Sheikh’s renowned talents for story-telling is given full flow and we are left with a lasting treasure of a true ‘Alim, Alghamdulillah. Recommended for all households and madrassa curricula.


Title: Don’t be Sad
Author: Aidh ibn Abdallah Al-Qarni
No. pages:
Recommended Retail: R140-00

This is an excellent book. One that you can open up anywhere and start reading. It helps those people who grieves, depress and stressed. The book is very inspirational and very thought provoking.

Title: The Muslim Marriage Guide
Author: Ruquiyyah Waris Maqsood
No. pages: 190
Recommended Retail Price: R65-00

The family unit is the backbone upon which society rests and in Islam marriage is deemed as half of the religion. Modern marriages, especially in Western societies, are placed under considerable strain as a result of outlooks which are often not in accordance with Islamic practices. The author explores the physical, emotional and spiritual aspects of a relationship and gives practical advice to both parties. By extensively consulting the relevant Quranic and Hadith passages, she shows how Muslims can build enduring marriages with respect, love, humour and communication. Recommended for all married persons.

Title: Stop Worrying Relax and be Happy
Author: Sh Muhammad Al-Gazali
No pages:
Recommended Retail : R85-00


This is a brilliantly written book which addresses our longing for happiness and how to get out of the ruts we find ourselves in. If Muslims ever doubted that Islam provides all the answers to their questions, this book dispels it. If ever the doubted the relevance of the Holy Quran as a dynamic guide to humankind, the author speaks as if directly addressing your problems. Sheikh Al-Gazali was motivated to write this book after he read the Arabic translation of Dale Carnegie’s best seller “How to stop worrying and start living”. He immediately recognised that most of Carnegie’s conclusions are in accordance with the precepts of the Holy Quran. The text reads easily, is well-referenced and most importantly, appeals to the fitrah (true nature) of the reader. Highly recommended.

Title : 30 Ways to Achieve Happiness
Author : Aidh ibn Abdallah Al-Qadari
No Pages: 79
Recommended Retail Price: R50-00
To the believer, happiness in this world is strongly linked to that in the Hereafter, as encapsulated in the oft-quoted supplication (Quran 2:201). Thus the majority of ways to happiness listed in this booklet urges the reader to attain greater closeness to Almighty Allah.

As the author states, he wrote this booklet within the precincts of the Haram within two days, thus each text is succinct and bite-size. Looking at the 30 ways, one is struck by the universality of Man and equally the applicability of the Holy Quran as guidance to all Mankind.

Title: Haj and Umra Made Easy
Author: Sheikh Abubakr Najaar
No. pages: 170
Recommended Retail: R28-00

The popularity of this booklet amongst pilgrims has remained undimmed, despite being on the market for more than 15 years. The author, whose mother tongue was Arabic., not only possessed vast knowledge of the Shariah, but knew his community’s needs and shortcomings intimately. The book is packed with relevant information, presented in a concise yet readable format, with maps and tables for ease of understanding. Recommended for all pilgrims-to-be.
Title: Muhammad (SAW), the Last Prophet
Runtime: 91 minutes

This is a very detailed depiction about the life of the Prophet (pbuh) and the birth of Islam. It will enlighten any child regarding the life and character of the Prophet (pbuh) while giving an interesting description of the various battles. It is an animation DVD that will be appreciated by both children and adults alike. Recommended for all homes and madrassahs as well as for non-Muslims wishing to know more about Islam.

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