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Hajj Advice - Mogamat Shahied Davids

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Shahied & Shanaaz Davids are born and bred Capetonians. They have 3 beautiful children aged 4, 11 and 15. They both worked for big corporate companies, but Shahied decided to become a fulltime Trust Relationship Networker. He served as chairman on the Strandfontein Masjid Committee for 5 years. As chairman of Madrassa Harbiyah he, together with other parents, raised funds to send students for Umrah. He is currently involved with Hajj Company Not for Gain in providing affordable Hajj Packages.Year(s) Hajj performed:  2007/1428   Age:  42


Accompanied by:   Wife, Shanaaz Travel Group or Agent:  Al Mujaahiedeen Ghajj & Umrah Group Accommodation inMakkah: Jawarat Garatal Baab (Shubayqah area 300m from Haram, full stay) Accommodation in Medina:  Elaf Taybah(100m from Haram) Other cities visited:   Cairo, (Egypt), Jerusalem(Palestine) Hajj classes attended:  Imam Omar Effendi, Sh Ganief Moos, Sh Abduraghmaan Alexander; Imam Ismail Davids; Sh Kaashief Damon, Spiritual Leader on Hajj Sh Faizel Gool.


You should have a burning desire for this trip. You must put your full trust in Allah Almighty.
Attend your classes regularly. Don’t take too many books with - Prof Yusuf Da Costa Thikr kitaab(green), Sh Amien Fakier Kitaabs and Sh A Najaar (Hajj & Umrah made easy) are very useful companions. Put in bookmarks for ease of reference. Practise the use of daily Arabic words. Study the Seerah of our Beloved Nabie Mogammad (saw) and all the history of Ziyarah places.

Take with a good pair of tekkies and sandals as you will be walking a lot. Daily apply ointment to feet, this will prevent cracking. You should wear socks when you tawaaf. Drink enough water, stay away from very cold water, let it cool off before drinking. Keep fit, the elderly might find it difficult to keep up with the pace. If you are young, you have a great advantage, utilise your time to the fullest.

Stick to a daily budget. Keep money for Makkah, Medinah and Palestine separately. Budget for food, travel, dumm and overweight. Take dollars and riyals with as well as your ATM card.
If you intend to shop, do this early on. Do most of your shopping in Medinah as prices go up closer to Hajj. Pay for your dumm early as the price goes up closer to Hajj.

We left Makkah a week after the third day of Tashriq for Cairo and Palestine so we experienced less congestion at airport. Make use of the freight services to minimize overweight. Only take with the necessary clothing. Take with a blow up pillow, jacket or jersey, as Medina, Cairo and Jerusalem is cold in the mornings as it is the winter season. Take a scarf with to cover your head and neck against the heat of sun. Pack in snacks, tin food, energy drink mix, notebooks and pens.


It is easier to walk from Arafat, Muzdalifah and Mina as the traffic for buses comes to a complete standstill. If you are not fit, then travel by bus.

We made our duah outside the tent. You should have a programme ready. Familiarise yourself with the duah of Arafat with meaning. The waqt of Wuqoof goes very quickly. Before leaving Arafat, make use of the toilet and take wudhoo as toilets will become a scarcity when leaving Arafat for Muzdalifah.

We made tawaaf daily with the group after Fajr and Eshaai. Tawaaf between Maghrib and Eshaai was very challenging. Try to sit down after waqts, recite Quran and thikr. Set yourself goals, make salaah in different places in Haram. Use SAPTCO (Saudi Arabian Public Transport company) buses for Umrahs, only SR2 to Tan’im (Masjid A’isha RA).

Take a spray bottle with for wudhoo, it will save you from standing in queues. Put your Ihraam over the shower pipe instead of over the door as someone else might take your Ihraam. There is enough food for the days of hajj. Take fruit and water with. Medical assistance is available. Cover your head to avoid sun stroke. Avoid walking around too much and focus on your Ibaadah programme.

Our accommodation was basic and 300m from the Haram, full stay, couple room. I preferred the basic accommodation to luxury. Ponder on how our Nabie (saw) spent days of Hajj.

We were in the SA camp 87, approximately 1.5km from jamaraat. The further the distance the more you engage in thikr. Authorities set times to throw jamaarats. This worked well as there was no congestion or any danger of stampedes,

This is no ordinary trip. Strive in duah all the time. Be a people’s person as this will elevate you spiritually and physically, Insha-Allah.

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Hajj Advice
1 Saturday, 26 September 2009 06:39
Nuha Dramat
Very inspiring story.
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