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Answers to the Arkaans of Hadj

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1. Islam

2. Absolutely compulsory

3. 6

4. Invalid

5. ‘Arafah

6. First

7. 9th

8. Stay at Mina

9. Talbiyah (labbyk)

10. Ifaadah


11. Sunrise

12. Tarteeb

13. Mas’aa

14. 7

15. 13th (3rd day of Tashriq) For menstruating women a further extension is permissible

16. True

17. False – they are permitted to perform all the rites except for the Salaah and tawaaf and no penalty whatsoever is payable at any stage.

18. True

19. False – the left is nearest

20. True

21. False – it is on the plains of ‘Arafah

22. False – the Talbiyah should be recited.

23. False – the sunnah prayer takes place AFTER the donning of the garments

24. False

25. True

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