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Hajj: 5 Days Guide

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From the Desk of Mufti Afzal Hoosen Elias

(May Allaah protect him)


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1.) Travel light.


2.) Do not take half the library.

3.) Do not take half the pharmacy.

4.) Do not take valuable items, gold, jewellery etc.

5.) Take what is essential.

6.) Take cheap sunglasses.

7.) Take an umbrella – for male – long; for female – short. Preferable colourful.

8.) Can use money belt.

9.) If travelling with mother, wife, sister, daughter – give them their own money – 500 riyals.

10.) Have this currency in small notes; 10’s – 20’s.

11.) Adequate free medical facilities, available in Mina, Arafaat, Muzdalifah, Makkah.

12.) Do not be concerned about what is taking place in other tents.

13.) Avoid wasting time, do not quarrel, backbiting, gossip and walking around aimlessly.

14.) Enjoin what is right and forbid what is evil.

15.) Do not separate from Mahram – either both walk or both go by bus.

16.) Males must be cautious and alert whilst sitting and modest whilst sleeping in Ihraam.

17.) Use toilet and wudhu facilities as quickly as possible.

18.) The same water is flowing in the toilet as in the wudhu facilities.

19.) Be careful do not use fragrant soaps.

20.) On entry into camps in Mina/ Arafaat take note where the nearest toilet/ wudhu facility is.

21.) Do not participate in acts and gatherings of Bid’at.

22.) Do not aid in attending those gathering of Bid’at that disturb those wanting to sleep and rest in Mina.

23.) Do not waster food and drink with the concept that ‘I paid for it thus I can do whatever I want with it’.

24.) Wheelchair facilities are provided by the Kingdom – enquire how to source it.

25.) Take care of your females. Address their needs and regularly enquire of their well being.

26.) In Mina – Arafaat the makes and females are separated by a partition. Make arrangements that you are able to communicate with your females without breaking the Hijaab laws.

27.) From Arafaat if you are walking, do not leave when there is a stampede but wait until the crowd goes and then leave for Muzdalifah.

28.) Make sure you are in Muzdalifah before performing the combination of Maghrib and Esha.

29.) Make Zohr at Zohr time and Asr at Asr time in your tents in Arafaat.

30.) Before actual entry in Muzdalifah make Wudhu etc.

31.) On entry into Muzdalifah make your Maghrib and Esha – one Iqaamat with one Adhaan.

32.) Then proceed to the end of Muzdalifah towards the border of Mina.

33.) There pick up pebbles (49) if not as yet received as a gift from the King.

34.) Open Umbrella and put your head inside so that you are saved from the breeze/ cold.

35.) After Fajr – be careful – do not perform Fajr before its time – some in haste mistakenly give the Adhaan of Fajr before time and even perform Fajr before time.

36.) After Fajr Wuqoof is Waajib. Stand for a little while with raised hands facing Qibla making Duaa then go to Mina.

37.) For the elderly there are shuttles taking them to the Jamaraah. Available at the bottom of the climb.

38.) Our advice: first go to the tent in Mina, relax, perform Zohr, have lunch then go to pelt.

39.) Make sure you follow the sequence, pelting, Damm e Shukr then Halq.

40.) Go then to Makkah – may walk or use government busses.

41.) Make Tawaaf e Ziyaarat then Saee on any floor – 4 floors now, view then start.

42.) If you find it too congested then use another floor.

43.) If you cannot make Saee the same night, it can be done on any other time before departure.

44.) Go back to Mina by walking or transport.

45.) Do not waste time during the remaining days.

46.) Avoid grouping and having tea/ coffee parties.

47.) Pelt the Jamaraat from going around – pass more than ¾ of its length then pelt.

48.) Stick to the ruling of one knowledgeable, pious and reliable Aalim of your choice. Do not hop, skip and jump.

49.) Go to serve not to be served. Go to help not to be helped.

50.) The last journey from Mina to Azzizia or Makkah, try to walk slowly back.

51.) Carry empty plastic water bottles – keep filling keep drinking.

A.H.Elias (Mufti)

May Allaah Protect him.


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