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Islamic Social Welfare Organisation

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The Islamic Social Welfare Association was formed in 1996 to seek solutions for the social problems amongst Muslims and its negative effects on society. Miss Gadija Fredericks and Mrs Nurounihaar Mintin co-ordinated a meeting with the Muslim Judicial Council where Imams, Social Workers and Community Workers, all voiced their concerns and attempted to start a structure to address these concerns. There was an unanimous appeal for a professional social work agency that would use a model that integrated social science within the Islamic framework. The meeting resulted in nine Muslims fully committing themselves to the establishment of such a structure.



The primary aim of this structure was to address marital problems. This was to be achieved through pre-marital counselling, providing treatment for marriages under stress and providing post divorce guidance for couples (especially women) who were left destitute. The overwhelming need for proper social services in all areas of social dysfunction led ISWA to broaden its vision to include other counselling as well.
To provide professional social work services to communities of the Western Cape in general and to the Muslim community in particular addressing societal issues within these communities with a view to establishing harmony in society at large.
ISWA is about improving the quality of people’s lives especially those in need. As Muslims we are ever mindful that human beings are God’s highest creation and deserving of each other’s deepest respect. Our mission therefore is to celebrate that God-given dignity by empowering each other to recognize and appreciate that reality. And we shall do so for God’s pleasure only.
Services Rendered by ISWA
•    General psycho-social counselling
•    Specialised marital counselling
•    Training of community workers
•    Setting up projects / self-help and job creating
•    Family reconstruction programmes
•    Childcare awareness programmes
•    Radio / TV community work presentations
•    Staff development programmes
•    Networking and facilitating effective co-operation with other organisations and forums
•    Services rendered to, for example, the justice system and the family advocate on issues affecting children
•    Lobbying for improved welfare services from the state

Executive Board

Executive Office

Events Organising                      Publications Public              Relations and Marketing

Social Welfare Department     Rainbow Children's Day     Minton School of Development Studies      Singh-Osman Education Trust

Rushdy Siers (Chairperson)
Ebrahim Singh (Vice-Chairperson)
Faldeela Davids (Secretary)
Kareema Natherson (Treasurer)
Nurounihaar Mintin
Ismail Osman
Mymoena Fortune (Office Manager)
Department Heads or Project Co-ordinators
This department deals with :

  • Family counseling
  • Schools Safer Rooms Project
  • Aged Support Programme
  • Youth Camps for women
  • Research on the Family Unit

Project Co-ordinator :
This project organizes this Children’s event annually. Another aim is to send 1000 children on weekend camps every year.

Principal : Rushdy Siers
Administrators : Nurunesa Ismail & Thohiera Salie
Courses presently on offer :
Social Auxiliary Worker’s Course
Organisational Development
Project Management
Life Coach in Self Esteem Building
Soon to be offered :
Environmental Worker’s Course
Labour Relations Worker’s Course
Research Worker’s Course
Legal Worker’s Course (paralegal studies)
Social Audit Worker’s Course
In 2004 ISWA formed an association with the International Peace University (IPSA) and established a faculty of Development Studies at the University.
Co-ordinator :
Encouraging life-long education and grants bursaries to deserving individuals for courses offered by the Mintin School of Development Studies.

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In 2004, 15 bursaries worth R25,000, in 2005, 35 bursaries worth R75,000, and in 2006, 45 bursaries worth R105,000 were awarded.
The Trust is sustained by grants, donations and funds raised through the Annual Golf Tournament.

Rainbow Children's Day
The Raindow Children's Day is ISWA's major annual event and focusses on the prevention of child abuse and neglect. At this event, 3000 children from various homes and orphanages are fed and entertained for a full day. The theme for the day remains that "life can be beautiful without drugs, crime and violence".

Community Worker's Course
The ISWA Community Worker's Course is a one year course that aims to empower individuals with the skills and knowledge to perform effective community work. Modules include Professional Ethics, an Introduction to Psychology, Counselling Skills, Groupwork, Community Work, Marriage and Divorce, Childcare Issues and Fundraising. Graduates are registered with the South African Council for Social Service Professions (SACSSP) as Social Auxiliary Workers.

Banking Details
Fundraising Number 08 800646 0006
Bank Account:
Standard Bank - Athlone Branch
Branch Code: 025909
Account No.: 073157708

Offices at : ISWA House, 11 1st Avenue, Belgravia Estate
Postal Address : P O Box 447, Athlone, 7760
Telephone : (021) 696 3000/1
Fax : (021) 697-4606
Email : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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