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The World Cup has come, and is practically gone. South Africans of all persuasions have united in their fervour and excitement of a world class event hosted by our country. This kind of hype has always been seen in other countries, now for the first time we are seeing an overwhelming wave of patriotism and pride in this wonderful country of ours. There were many who disapproved, many who predicted all sorts of negativity. Ranging from hooliganism, foreigners taking over our roads and amenities, escalating crime, where the doom and gloom brigade feared that we would all be subjected to violence, to threats of terrorism. However, with Allah’s Taqdeer, nothing catastrophic took place, with the possible exception that our team, Bafana Bafana, was unable to stay the course. Coming from our history of segregation, it is indeed amazing and encouraging, that the country was swept by a wave of patriotism that could rival that of first world countries.

Pride in the fact that we could host such a prestigious event, that a country from darkest Africa can produce the infrastructure of this magnitude, has to be admired and respected. The behaviour of our own people has once for all put to rest the misconception the rest of the world holds that we are not civilized at best, and savages at worst. There is another aspect of this event which we must take cognizance of; the world cup took place during Rajab, one of the sacred months as decreed by Allah (SWT).


The Prophet (SAW) said, 'Rajab is the month of Allah, Shabaan is my month and Ramadan is the month of my Ummah. “Allah gave us twelve months in the year, eleven of which are ours and one of which belongs to Allah.” What rewards Allah will give his servants in His month, no one knows, not even the Prophet (SAW). The work of prophets and angels stops in the month of Rajab. They are not allowed to know what rewards Allah is going to give His community. It is in the hands of Allah alone. In the following month, Shabaan, no one is permitted to know what rewards the Prophet (SAW) will give his Community except the Prophet (SAW) and Allah. What is accumulated of the rewards in Rajab and Shabaan will be written for you and become known to everyone in Ramadan. That is why it is the month of the Ummah. During this blessed month Nabi Muhammad (SAW) used to recite:

Allah humma baarik lanaa fee rajaba wa sha`baana wa ballieg naa Ramadhaana.
“Oh Allah! Grant us blessings in the month of Rajab and Shábaan, and take us forth to the month of Ramadhaan ". This Duá should be recited regularly in the month of Rajab and Shábaan. Whilst the arrival of Ramadaan is certain, no person is guaranteed reaching Ramadaan.

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Rasulullah (sallallaahu alayhi wasallam) would express his eagerness to be blessed with the month of Ramadaan from Rajab. We should therefore become more inclined towards virtuous deeds and Ibadat in these months. Rajab and Shabaan are the stepping stones to Ramadaan. Concerted effort and consistent preparations should commence with immediate effect. All acts of futility should be strictly abandoned. It has been said that Rajab is the month to sow seeds (good actions), Shábaan is the month in which we should water those seeds (with tears of remorse) and Ramadaan is the month in which we reap the harvest.

The word Rajab is derived from the Arabic word Rajaba, and one of the meanings of this word is respect. The Muslims of South Africa has proved that they can respect the opinions and views of others during the World Cup. Those who felt that too much is being made of something that is trivial in the greater scheme of things, held their opinions to themselves. Those who are disinterested in sport and soccer in particular, actually found themselves contributing to discussions of the various teams, even venturing an opinion. It is being said that many actually watched the matches on television, or at least checked to see the scores. As we go into the last week of the World Cup, shall we spare a thought for the 27th night, the night our beloved Rasul (SAW) received the honour of the Mi’raaj, the night journey. Let us display the same fervour and excitement for the commemoration of this awesome event in the history of our beautiful Deen. The historic night of Mi’raaj is the occasion on which Allah gave us, through Nabi Muhammad (SAW), the gift of the Salaah. A form of Ibadat which is not just a prayer, not a ritual we perform because we have to, not something we do to get it out of the way so we can go on with the business of living our lives. The gift of Salaah is much more than that, it is when we connect with our Creator, it is when we show our gratitude for the wonderful gift of life that we have been blessed with; when we truly appreciate the miracle of our body which is far more of an achievement by Allah than successfully hosting a world class event. We will enjoy the last few days of the World cup, after all, this is something Allah has blessed us with, Alghamdulillah. Nothing happens without the permission of Allah, so as we cheer the goals of our favourite team, let us remember to score a goal for Allah, SubhaanAllah! May Allah Ta'ala let us all reach Ramadaan and grant us the ability to spend it in a manner that is most pleasing to Allah. Ameen, Insha’Allah.

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