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Scientific Significance of Miraj

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The Isra and Miraj involved a real journey (rather than a vision or a dream). How was it possible for our Nabi(pbuh) to be transported from Makkah to AlQuds (Jerusalem) and back to Makkah in a fleeting moment? Also how was it possible for the physical being of the prophet to be transported into the transcendental (that which is beyond common thought or experience; mystical or supernatural)  realms and to return to this spatio-temporal (existing in both space and time duration) dimension of existence?

We are faced here with a situation which is virtually identical to that of the ascent of Nabi Isā (pbuh) – if we accept the majority Muslim view that Nabi Isā (pbuh) was transported bodily into the heavens and will return to this world before the end of the world.Now since the physical body occupies space, one cannot in terms of the Qur’anic Guidance, conceive of a physical approach to Allah Who is non-spatial and Who is also : "  With you wherever you may be  (57:4)  " and is : " closer to you than your jugular vein(50:16) "

Dr Rahman Ansari- In his book “ The Quranic Foundation and Structure  of  Muslim Society supports thesis of ‘transformation’ .  “The holy Prophet’s Mi’raj was an event of unique nature in which it should be accepted that this sacred personality had been transformed by Allah from the physical to the transcendental dimension of existence…..” (vol. 1. p. 58). Now both the  physical and the transcendental are dimensions of the self – same human personality.Al-Isra and Mi’raj involved movement within the individual person of the holy prophet from one dimension of existence to another. Para-psychology –appear to contradict physical laws, have conclusively demonstrated that out- of body travel over long distances in very short periods of time is possible and actually happens. The secret explanation for this probably lies in the Sufi view of how matter originated – that it is light which generates energy and gradually transforms itself into matter. The first thing Allah created was a particle of light in intense motion (the light of Nabi (pbuh)) and from this original light emerged all creation. Matter, therefore, is at its origin, light. If scientific research can discover how to reverse the transformation of light into matter it will be possible for the physical being to be transformed – and herein lies the primary scientific significance of our Nabi (pbuh) miraculous journey.One cannot commence the effort of seeking to discover the process of reverse transformation Matter ------------  Light until one has first understood the original process of creation through  transformation. Nor can one penetrate the knowledge of the original transformation without turning to divine guidance on the subject revealed through the Word of Allah (The Quran). For this reason, our Quran remains a book of supreme scientific importance since the advent of Nabi (pbuh).


The Spiritual Significance
As was mentioned earlier that the Miraj was the most important event in the entire life of the Nabi (pbuh). This is because the Miraj culminated with the Messenger(pbuh) of Allah actually meeting with his Lord.

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Our Quran tells us that the ultimate goal in life  is: "So whoever hopes  for the meeting "(18:110). " Let their be righteousness in his actions."(18:110).

The ultimate goal in life of the believer is to experience a personal Miraj which will spiritually transport him/her to a meeting with his Lord which is appropriate to his spiritual status. Miraj is actually a religious experience, although not all religious experiences are Miraj. The Nabi has said that Salaah which we perform five times a day is the Mi’raj of the believers. So we conclude that the worshipper is closest of all to his/her Lord when he is in the posture of sajda during salaah.

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