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MASBOOQ - Joining a jama’ah salaah late

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MASBOOQ is the follower who fails to find sufficient time with the Imaam to complete the recitation of the Fatighah – reciting it at a moderate pace – even though he joined the Imaam in the first Raka’ah. The the MASBOOQ there are three different possible situations in salaah :

1. He may enter into SALAAH behind the Imaam while the Imaam performs the RUKOO.

2. He may enter into SALAAH while theImaam is still standing but at the time he performs the Tabiratul-Ihraam the Imaam proceeds to the RUKOO.

3. He may enter into SALAAH while the Imaam is still standing but close to performing the RUKOO so that he (the Ma’moom) can still recite some part of the Fatighah. THE MA’MOOM IN THE FIRST TWO SITUATIONS. Follow the Imaam in the RUKOO.

This exempts the Ma’moom from reciting the Fatighah and the raka’ah is regarded as complete on condition that the Tama’neenah (the act of bringing the movement of one’s limbs to a complete standstill) while the Imaam is still in RUKOO. If he fails to achieve Tama’neenah while the Imaam is still in RUKOO, the raka’ah cannot be counted and he will have to perform a raka’ah in is place after the SALAAM of the Imaam.



In the third situation, it is necessary for the Ma’moom to occupy himself with the recitation of what he can of the Fatighah before the RUKOO of the Imaam. When the Imaam proceeds to RUKOO, he should cease with the recitation of the Fatighah and follow him. In such a case the remaining part of the Fatighah falls away for him and the Raka’ah is to be regarded as complete. It is SUNNAH for the Ma’moom in this third situation, to omit the Duah-ul-Istiftaah (Allahu akbar kabeeraa …) and the Ta’awwudh (A‘oothu billaah…). If he had occupied himself with either of the two or both, it is necessary for him to remain standing until he recites of the Fatighah for about the length of time he had spent on reciting the Duah-ul-Istiftaah and Ta’awwudh.


In the light of the above, the MASBOOQ is required to follow the Imaam in his actions. Whatever raka’ahs he may have missed should be performed after the SALAAM of the Imaam. For example, if he joins the Imaam in the second Raka’ah for Fajr, he should follow him in the Qunoot but should again offer the Qunoot in the Raka’ah after the SALAAM of the Imaam since that would be the second Raka’ah for him. If the MASBOOQ, for example, joins the Imaam after the third Raka’ah of Ishaa, he should stand up after the first SALAAM of the Imaam and complete the three Raka’ahs he has missed on his own in the following order. In the first Raka’ah on his own he should recite a short chapter (surah) or a few Quranic verses after the Fatighah and perform the RUKOO and the SUJOOD in the usual manner followed by the recitation of the first TASHAHHUD (ATTAHIYAAT) in the position of QADAH. This would actually be the second raka’ah of the MASBOOQ. In the following raka’ah he should agin recite a short chapter (surah) after the Fatighah because this would be his second raka’ah on his won and perform the RUKOO and the SUJOOD. Immediately after the SUJOOD he should proceed to the third raka’ah  ha has missed. In this raka’ah, which is the third, he should not recite a surah after the Fatighah but should complete the RUKOO and the SUJOOD. After reciting the TASHAHHUD and the SALAWAAT he should conclude the prayer with the SALAAM.

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