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The prostration of recitation is SUNNAH upon whoever recites or hears one of the fourteen prostration verses of the Quran. For the one who is in salaah, it is necessary to make intent (NIYYAH) to perform SAJDAH, in the heart only. When in SUJOOD, the following should be recited :

Allahum maktubbe lee bihaa ‘indakka ajran. Wa da’ ‘annee wizran.  Waj ‘al haa lee ‘’indakka dhukhran. Wa ta qabbal haa min nee kamaa ta qabbal tahaa min ‘abbe dikka daawood

O Allah, ordain for me a reward with Thee by virtue of the it (the SUJOOD),
Unburden me of any sin through it, Let it be for me by Thy Grace a treasure, And accept it from me as Thou accepted it from Thy slave David (peace and blessings be upon him)

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