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The Mode of Salaah of Women

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The mode of SALAAH of women is the same as that of men except for a few differences which are as follows:

1. A woman should cover her entire body, including her hair and feet, barring her face and her hands up to the wrists with any material that is not transparent.

2. At the TAKBIRAT-UL-IHRAAM men raise their hands up to their ears but women should raise their hands up to their shoulders.

3. In the QIYAAM men should place the right palm over the back of the left hand below the chest but women should fold them on their chest.

4. In the RUKOO men should bow in such a manner that their head, back and haunches form a straight line, but women should bend only to the extent that their hands reach their knees.

5. In the RUKOO men should keep their fingers apart on their knees but women should keep their fingers close to each other.

6. In the RUKOO the men should keep their arms away from the sides and their feet slightly apart, but the arms of the women should rest on the sides and the feet should be kept close to each other in such a way that the ankles touch each other.

7. In the SUJOOD the men should keep their arms, abdomen and thighs separated from each other and their elbows higher than the ground, but the women should keep their arms, abdomen and thighs close to each other, their arms resting on the ground.

8.In the SUJOOD the men should keep their feet standing on toes but not the women.

9. In the JALSAH the men sit on their left foot and keep their right foot erect but the women should place the left half of the buttocks on the ground and the right half, resting on the feet.

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The feet should face to the right, the arms should rest on the thighs and the palms should be placed near the knee-caps.

10. Women are not allowed to recite the Quran or Takbir loudly in any case but should do it in a lower tone.

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