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The Salaah of the Traveller

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The Salaah of the Traveller
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1. SALAAH IN THE USUAL MANNER as it is performed at home with the SUNNAH parts at the appointed times (Awqaat).

Allah. says in the Holy Quran:

“When ye travel through the earth, there is no blame on you if you shorten your prayers" (4:101). On the basis of the above verse permission is granted for a traveller to shorten the obligatory part of SALAAH during a journey once he passes beyond the town's homesteads or boundary by reducing the four RAK'AHS of DHUHR, ASR and ISHAA to two RAK'AHS. This reduction of theprayer -services is known as QASR SALAAH or SHORTENED PRAYER. QASR SALAAH as will be explained below is the best and most commendable method of performing SALAAH when tra¬velling: all the prayer - services should be performed at their appointed times with the four RAK'AHS of DHUHR, ASR and ISHAA reduced to two RAK'AHS.



It is also permissible for a traveller to combine DHUHR with ASR, and MAGHRIB with ISHAA.

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This combination of pray¬er services is known as JAM SALAAH or COMBINED PRAYER. JAM SALAAH maybe performed in either of the following ways:

Combining in advance means
a) that DHUHR and ASR may be performed at the time of DHUHR, and
b) that MAGHRIB. and ISHAA may be performed at the time of MAGHRIB.

Delayed combination means
a) that DHUHR and ASR may be performed at the time of ASR, and
b) that MAGHRIB and ISHAA may be performed at the time of ISHAA.
In JAM SALAAH the four RAK'AHS of DHUHR, ASR and ISHAA may be performed fully or they may be reduced to two R AK' AHS.

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