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’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa’ah

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The ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa’ah serves as a vehicle for Islamic learning and the remembrance of Allah. The group consists of several hundred people. Few organizations are so immersed in the religious record and social symbolism of Cape Muslims. The ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa'ah was not formed out of enmity, or opposition to another group. Week after week, they assert the Oneness of God through adhkaar. They are afloat on the same sea, journeying towards Allah, The One Who Is With those who do right. Free of hysteria, the Jamaa'ah is autonomous and entirely open. Parents raise their children in the Jamaa’ah. Many have grown old as part of the ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan. The ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa’ah chant like slaves, because that’s what they are – slaves of Allah The Most Beneficent. Adhkaar to them is a labour of love. Some of them sway gently with the rhythm of the dhikr; others shed tears at the mention of God's name. They neither whirl, nor do they hold hands. By reason of its size, Jamaa’ah persons don’t position themselves in a circular or semi-circular formation as is sometimes found among dhikr groups. During adhkaar, its members sit or stand in straight rows instead. Haji Achmat Damon al-Qadiri al-Chishti is the sheikh of the ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa’ah. He had assumed the leadership of the group on the death of Haji Mogammad Riefaard Manie al-’Alawi al-Qadiri al-Chishti. Born on 23 November 1950 in Diep River on the Cape Flats in South Africa, Haji Achmat is the son of Imam Muhammad Salih and Hajja Amina Damon. The second of six children, Haji Mogammad Riefaard Manie came into the world on 7 August 1946 at 174 Schotsche Kloof Flats in Bo-Kaap. He had received the Qadiriyyah mantel from Haji Abduragmaan da Costa al-Qadiri in 1989. Haji Mogammad Riefaard Manie al-’Alawi al-Qadiri al-Chishti had passed away on 19 October 2004. The scholarly Haji Abduragmaan da Costa al-Qadiri was born on Friday, 10 October 1924 in Uitenhage in the Eastern Cape. His date of birth coincided with Milad al-Nabi of that year, 1343 Hijri.

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Having learned under the celebrated Sheikh Ismail ‘Ganief’ Edwards, Haji Abduragmaan da Costa was of the few entirely locally educated Cape Muslims of his generation who understood Arabic. Equally notable was the trend that he had started by refusing to accept payment for teaching others the tenets of their faith. Haji Abduragmaan da Costa al-Qadiri had served as the sheikh of the Qadiriyyah Jamaa’ah from 1962 until his demise on 30 August 1989. Unrelated otherwise, these three men easily stand above all other modern-day South Africans in furthering the cause of group dhikrullah. They transcended adhkaar in a way that no other local person has achieved since.
Imam Achmad Moos was the group’s first Hafith al-Qur’an. He had learned under Sheikh Muhammad Salih Abadi Solomons and had served as the Imam of the Sunni Muhammad Masjid in Rondebosch East from 1969 until his death in 1986. Imam Mogammad Kasief Basardien forms part of the latest brood of huffaath. He had studied under Sheikh Abdurraghiem Hasan Sallie and the legendary Sheikh Muhammad Salih Abadi Solomons. Abdul Waarieth Parker also has the Holy Book within his breast. On 28 June 2000, Muneer Manie had the appellation ‘Hafith’ tagged in front of his name. Haji Muneer had received his hifdh schooling from Imam Abduraghmaan Salie. Haji Razeen Carelse qualified on 9 August 2000. Having committed the larger part of the Glorious Qur’an to memory in Azaadville, Gauteng, he completed his reading under the tutelage of Maulana Mogammad Adiel Johaar and Sheikh Abdullah Awaldien. Hafith Mogammad Ridha Abass was ushered into the privileged group during 2006. Umar Baba strengthened the local hifdh tradition during 2006 when he completed his education under Imam Abduraghmaan Salie. Having studied under Sheikh Abdullah Awaldien like his oldest brother Hafith Abdul Waarieth, Mogammad Hasan Parker made the grade aged twelve on 12 November 2006. Hafith Mogammad Hasan had represented his country with much success at a Quranic recital competition in Mecca during 2009 and at the Dubai International Holy Quran Awards of 2010. Haji Mogammad Qaasiem Ganief and Adieb Bassier met the standards at the end of January 2009, having qualified under Sheikh Abdullah Awaldien. The 'Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa'ah tries to offer group adhkaar as an alternative to social ills such as drug abuse and gangsterism. A healthy leaning towards orphan adoption exists within the group. Names are not mentioned here for reasons of propriety.
The ’Ibaad-u-Ragmaan Qadiri Jamaa’ah continues to travel the length and breadth of South Africa in adoration of their Maker.

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