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Rukayya Samsodien

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Rukayya Samsodien  completed her studies at the Al-Fatgh University, Syria. The previous two years she has spent strengthening her Arabic language skills to render her competent for studies at university level.

My Inspirational Verse
Surah Mu’minoon 23: Verses 99 – 100

“Until, when death comes to one of them (those who join partners with Allah), he says: “My Lord!

Send me back, So that I may do good in that which I have left behind!” No! It is but a word

Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick

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Dr Abdullah Hakim Quick is the Director of the Dawah Department of The Muslim Judical Council and the Amir of the Dawah Coordinating Forum of South Africa. He has travelled to 45 countries lecturing and researching the conditions of  Muslims. He is also a special advisor to the Masakhane Muslim Community, Majlis Shura of the Muslims of the African Townships of Cape Town.



My Inspirational Verse

After many years of travelling throughout the world, living with Muslims and feeling the pain of our Ummah, I have come to the conclusion that the greatest obstacle in the way of our progress and success in this world is ourselves. We have been blessed with over 25% of the earth’s population, strategic geographical positions, over half of the mineral resources of the planet, fablulous riches, intellectuals, large armies and great potential.

Imam Isma-eel Davids

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Imam Isma-eel Davids grew up in a political active family and was himself involved in SRC’s and MSA’s. He studied under his late father Imam Ebrahim (Sepp) Davids and Hifz under Sheigh Armien Soeker and Sheigh Ganief Moos. He is the principal of Ibaadu-Ragmaan daily madrassa in Athlone and also runs evening classes.


Although not officiating at any particular mosque, he delivers Sermons weekly at various masajid and is also frequently invited as a motivational speaker at schools, organisations and in the work industry. He is also a committee member and PRO for Nakhlistan Feeding Scheme and Burial Services, and runs a Youth Group that Networks with other groups in and around Cape Town. He has

Imam Dr Saleh Adams

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Imam Dr Saleh Adams is currently the Imam of Masjied Boorhaanol Islam, Longmarket Street, Bo-Kaap. Formally, a senior lecturer in science education at UWC. He is currently completing a textbook in Physics and facilitates an academic support programme for Grade 11 & 12s in chemistry and physics at the Cape Town College of Education, Crawford campus.

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He teaches Quran classes for ladies at the Huda Centre, Bryant St and at the Garlandale Madrassa, Athlone. He is studying the Arabic language under Sheikh Ebrahim Moos and Dr Sulaiman Noordien. Imam Saleh is also a novice beekeeper.

Dr Asmah Samodien

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Dr Asmah Samodien is the Development Manager of the Cape Flats Development Association (CAFDA). She works closely with a multitude of NGO’s and government departments. She is chairperson of Link and Share Forum, serves on the NGO-Directors Forum Western Cape, on District Advisory Committee (DAC) to the Department of Social Services and Poverty Alleviation, and on the South African Women’s Federation. She is also registered with the Board – South African Council for Social an Associated Workers.



Asmah’s undergraduate and postgraduate studies were with UWC,

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