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Professor Najma Moosa

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Najma Moosa

Professor Najma Moosa is the Dean of the Law Faculty at the University of the Western Cape. She is a member of the SA Law Reform Commission Sub-Saharan Africa” published in the “Encyclopedia of Women and Islamic Cultures”. Volume 1:  Brill Academic Publishers:Leiden. Also, “The Flying Hadji” in Claiming Our Footprints. South African Women Reflect on Context, Identity and Spirituality.She has also published a book entitled “Unveiling the Mind: A herstory f the historical evolution of the legal position of women in Islam.”



Ebrahim Rasool

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Ebrahiem RasoolEbrahim Rasool is the former Premier of the Western Cape. This is the first time that a Muslim has ever held this position in the Cape. He has held various portfolios in the Western Cape Government and has been in the forefront of the struggle for liberation through the ANC, the UDF and the Call of Islam. He is also Chancellor of the IPSA (International Peace University of South Africa). He regularly delivers the Khutba at a variety of Mosques.


Sheikh Yusuf Agherdien

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Sheikh Yusuf Agherdien is the Assistant Imam at Masjid Al-Shafiy, Chiappini Street, Bo-Kaap.  He has studied Fiqh and Hifz under Sheikh Abdurraghiem Sallie and has has been teaching Hifz under the auspices of Darul Quran. He is also the Hakim Daruri of Majlishush Shura Al Islami’s Islamic Court.


Inspirational Verse

Read! In the name of thy Lord and Cherisher, Who created.
Surah 96 (Iqra) Verse 1

Allah's command to the Holy Prophet (pbuh) to "Read" is also a command to me, as a slave of

Professor Aslam Fataar

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Aslam FataarProfessor Aslam Fataar is currently Professor of Sociology of Education at the University of the Western Cape. His main research interest is in the areas of educational reform and subjectivities in urban contexts.  A number of his research articles have been published on Muslim educational discourses and identity issues.  He has served as executive member of the Muslim Students Association of South Africa, Muslim Youth Movement of South Africa, Muslim Front and Islamic Coordinating Council of Grassy Park.


He spent six years teaching at a Grassy Park High School and was a member of the South African Democratic Teachers Union, the

Sheikh Seraj Hendricks

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Sheikh Seraj Hendricks completed his BA (Hons) in Islamic Law at Umm al-¬Qura University in Makkah. He holds an MA (cum laude) in Arabic from Unisa and is currently studying towards a DLitt et Phil in Arabic at the same. He was an executive member of the Sheikh Yusuf Tricentenary Commemoration Committee that celebrated 300 years of Islam in South Africa in 1994 under the chairmanship of the late Achmat Davids. He was also previously the Head of Department of the Fatwa Committee of the MJC and is currently the Hakim of the Crescent Observers' Society. He is also a resident Sheikh at the Azzawia Institute.

My Inspirational Verse

Surah 35, Al-Fatir - The Originator of Creation, Verses 27-2

Coming from a country consumed by the disease of racism during the early 1980s, one of the more compelling aspects of my stay in Makkah at the time was the beauty of experiencing and appreciating a diversity that revealed Itself as a reminder of Allahu Ta'ala and His attributes of al-Khaliq (the Creator), al-Ban' (the

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