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Tuesday, Apr 23rd

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Do your own thing !!!

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"After a week of intense work, we finally have the functionality to add and edit your own entries !!!!", exclaimed Thabiet Davids, Technical Director at LivingIslam.

"This means that our listed organisations can now update their own details, which makes this endeavour much more exciting and takes the burden of capturing the information away from Boorhaanol.", he added.

Nuha Dramat, Senior Administrator at LivingIslam added that the organisations that wanted to list their organisations or update existing entries were to contact her at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . "I hope the islamic organisations take full advantage of this feature," she added.

An organisation selects an Entry Manager who is responsible for updating the information. This Entry Manager then is allowed to update the tabs, upload images to their mini-portal (website) within LivingIslam. 

"With our new content management system, the event manager can easily add and update the information." added Thabiet Davids.

"An exciting new feature that is coming soon is the ability for each organisation to update their own event calendar," stated Abdul Muhaimien Bassier of LivingIslam. "This feature will revolutionise the way we can search for events and happenings at mosques in our area !!!", he exclaimed.

LivingIslam Launches Website

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After months of hard work, the day finally arrived !!!

On Saturday, 29 August 2009 at 6am ... was launched.

"Your guide to the vibrancy of Islam - whether it is the location of a mosque, the convenience of your nearest halaal take-away, a list of welfare organisations, or simply learning about our way of life."

Boorhaanol Islam Movement and Q3 join forces

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Boorhaanol Islam Movement and Third Quarter Technologies have joined forces to develop an online organisation directory and information portal.

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