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Islam being a way of life, means all Muslims must stay abreast of happenings locally and globally. We have to align ourselves with both the lunar and solar calendar. We have to follow the strong current  to find the way we need to go.

Qurbani - Virtues of Qurbani

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•Qurbani is a practice commanded by Allah:

So turn in prayer towards your Lord and sacrifice (animals). (108:2)

• There is nothing dearer to Allah during the days of Qurbani than the sacrificing of animals. The sacrificed animal shall come on the Day of Judgement with its horns, hair, and hooves (to be weighed). The sacrifice is accepted by Allah before the blood reaches the ground. Therefore sacrifice with an open and happy heart. (Tirmizi, Ibne Majah)


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Qurbani (or Udhiyya as the Shari‘ah refers to it) has become synonymous with ‘Id-ul-Adha, the festival of sacrifice. It is a time when Muslims the world over commemorate the sacrifice of Nabi Ibrahim (AS).

Similarly, the sunnah of the Prophet (S.A.W) was to perform the sacrifice of ‘Id-ul-Adha personally and in full sight of his companions. In so doing, he not only demonstrated how the animal should be treated and

Female Genital Mutilation – Part of Religion or Tradition?

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Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen.

I greet you all with the universal greeting of peace. Assalaamu 'alaykum.

I am indeed honoured to be afforded the opportunity to be part of this gathering and I thank Ifrah Ahmed, who happens to be one of the most admirable young feminists in Islaam,for inviting me. I know that it may come as a surprise to you to hear me talk about Islaam and feminism in the same sentence. That is because the prophet of Islaam not only

Burkha Debate

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Respected Ladies and Gentlemen, honoured guests,
I wish to thank you for your kind invitation to address the Phil on this debate.

Giving without reserve

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It is with reticence that I write this. I do not wish to place myself on the moral high ground, or to sermonise anyone. This chapter tries to show the truth and importance of dreaming of our Holy Prophet Muhammad   . These words seek to confirm that ours is a Prophet of Mercy, a Witness, and a Bearer of Good Tidings. It also aims to portray the consequence of da’wāt in the Masjid al- Harām. It is moreover meant as a method of encouragement for our children to some day continue with the Prophetic Tradition of raising an orphan for the sake of Allāh, The One of Unbounded Grace. So that they may by this means know that there is more to life than just prayer and fasting. And that they should give of themselves unreservedly. That they might through it also, temper their adhkār with compassion.

We were asleep at the Mashrabiyya Hotel in Khalid bin Walīd Street in Shubayka, Makkah al- Mukarramah when, by the Mercy of Allāh, I had the most beautiful dream. I saw myself standing in  the  holy  presence  of  our  Truthful  Prophet  Muhammad    .  The  appearance  of  the  Holy Messenger of Allāh matched scriptural records.

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