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Zahieda Adam

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Zaidah AdamHadji Zahieda Adam is a reflexologist and practices in the Grassy Park area. She enjoys her time with her three children and 1 grandchild. She recently launched a DVD on reflexology. Year Hajj performed: 2007

Age: 60

Accompanied by: friend and travel groupTravel Group:

Shafiek’s TravelAccommodation in Makkah: Al HudaAccommodation in Medina: Diamond Hotel

Other Cities: Jeddah, Cairo, Jerusalem, Amman, Jericho,

Bethlehem Classes Attended: Imam Pandey ON PREPARATION FOR HAJJ SPIRITUAL. Once you have made your intention, it is important to be  aware of the significance of everything you do, so the more you read about Hajj, the better. You have to be very strong, patient and unperturbed by any form of distraction. Attending classes is good as it keeps you informed as well as helping you with your spiritual upliftment.

Shaheed Ederies

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Shaheed EderiesShaheed and Nazreen, married for 14 years, have been blessed with 2 beautiful children. Qualified as a Human Resource Consultant, Shaheed now does recruitment for certain Middle Eastern countries. An entrepreneur by nature, he is also co-owner of Black Cherry. Nazreen, a former teacher at South Peninsula High School, now runs her own home-based business. Year Hajj performed: 2006
Age: 40

Accompanied by: wife, Nazreen Behardien-Ederies Travel Group: Al Anwar

Accommodation in Makkah: Ajiad Makkah Accommodation in Medina: Movenpick Other Cities: Abu-Dhabi Classes: Attended: Sheikh Alexander - Bridgetown Mosque ON PREPARATION FOR HAJJ

Attend Hajj classes with an Imam you are comfortable with, a leader that you feel will inspire you spiritually. Classes that will go beyond the rituals of Hajj and gives you insight into the spiritual significance behind the ritual.

Hajj Advice - Mogamat Shahied Davids

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Shahied DavidsShahied & Shanaaz Davids are born and bred Capetonians.

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They have 3 beautiful children aged 4, 11 and 15. They both worked for big corporate companies, but Shahied decided to become a fulltime Trust Relationship Networker. He served as chairman on the Strandfontein Masjid Committee for 5 years. As chairman of Madrassa Harbiyah he, together with other parents, raised funds to send students for Umrah. He is currently involved with Hajj Company Not for Gain in providing affordable Hajj Packages.Year(s) Hajj performed:  2007/1428   Age:  42


Accompanied by:   Wife, Shanaaz Travel Group or Agent:  Al Mujaahiedeen Ghajj & Umrah Group Accommodation inMakkah: Jawarat Garatal Baab (Shubayqah area 300m from Haram, full stay) Accommodation in Medina:  Elaf Taybah(100m from Haram) Other cities visited:   Cairo, (Egypt), Jerusalem(Palestine) Hajj classes attended:  Imam Omar Effendi, Sh Ganief Moos, Sh Abduraghmaan Alexander; Imam Ismail Davids; Sh Kaashief Damon, Spiritual Leader on Hajj Sh Faizel Gool.

Hajj Advice - Adiela Emeran Haroun

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Adiela Emeran HarounAdiela is married to Abdullah and spends most of her time with her two toddlers. She has successfully etched herself a career in the very competitive advertising industry, but due to her family commitment and dedication to her 2 kids, she is presently a freelance producer for an advertising agency. She resides in Grassy Park.

Year Hajj performed :   2007
Age :     36
Accompanied by :   Husband, Mog. Abdullah Haron

Travel Group :    Rasools Travels

Accommodation in Makkah : Zam Zam Manal – Karara
Accommodation in Medina: Al Ansar Golden
Hajj Classes :   Sheikh A Alexander

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