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Ruq'yah 2

Bis mil laa hir rah maa nir ra heem, u 'ee thu ka bil laa hil aha dus sa ma dil la thee lam ya lid wa lam yoo lad, wa lam ya kul la hoo ku fu wan a ghad, min shar ri maa ta ji du



In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful. I seek protection for you from all that you suffer from, through Allah the One, the eternally besought of all. He begets not nor was He begotten, and there is none comparable unto Him.


The Ruq'yah

It is good to recite a RUQ'YAH for the sick or affected person. RUQ'YAH means to recite certain words with the niy'yah that, through the power and strength of Allah, it protects the person against sickness and evil. The following is a RUO'YAH that the angel Jibreel made for our prophet Muhammad (SAW) :

Bis mil laa hi ar qee ka min kul la shay in yu' thee ka, min shar ri kul li naf sin au ’ay nin haa sid, al laa hu yash feek

In the name of Allah, I am making the Ruq'yah for you, to protect you against everything causing harm to you, against every evil spirit or jealous eye, may Allah heal and cure you

Duah when feeling pain

When a person feels a pain, he places his hand on the spot/place of the pain, recite three times BIS'MIL'LAAH, and recites after it the following:

A oo thu bi 'iz za til laa hi wa qud ra ti hee min shar ri maa a ji du wa u ghaa thir

I seek refuge and protection in Allah through His infinite power from the evil of the pain I feel and which I fear.

Duah for the sick

It is Sunnah to visit the sick, to give them hope and to advise them to have patience. It also Sunnah not to prolong the visit, unless requested by the sick person and it is also Sunnah to pray for the sick, place the right hand on his head and recite the following:

Al laa hum ma rab ban naas, ath hi bil ba's, ish fi an tash shaa fe e, laa shi faa a il laa shi faa u ka, shi faa an laa yu hgaa di ru sa 'qa maa



O Allah! Lord of men, I beseech Thee to remove all sickness, I beg Thee to heal this person for Thou art the only Healer. There is no cure/healing but that of Thee, let there be a restoration of health that will leave no sickness behind

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