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Duah for the strengthening of faith

Allahu mash ragh sudoo ranaa lil islaam
Allahumma ghab bib ilaynal emaana wa zay-yinhu fee quloo bi naa wa kar rih ilaynal kufra wal fusooqa wal ‘isyaan
Allahum maj’al naa mi nar raa shi deen

O Allah! Open our hearts for Islam
O Allah! Make our faith something cherished for us,
And embellish with that our hearts
And make repulsive and a hateful for us unbelief, immorality, and transgression.
O Allah! Make us of those who are rightly guided.

Duah for the relief of indebtedness


Allahumma in nee a’uthu bi ka mi nal ham mi wal ghuzni,
wa a’uthubi ka mi nal ‘ijzi wasl kas li,
wa a’uthubi ka mi nal bughli wal jubni,
wa a’uthubi ka mi nal ghaula ba tid dayni wa qohri rijaal,
Allahumak fi nee bi ghalaa li ka ‘an gharaa mi ka wa agh ni nee bi fadli ka ‘am man si waak

O Allah! I seek refuge in Thee from anxiety and grief.
I seek refuge in Thee from inability and sloth.
I seek refuge in Thee from niggardliness and faint-heartedness.
I seek refuge in Thee from the burden of indebtedness, and the coercion of men.
O Allah! Let They lawful sustenance suffice me against Thine unlawful sustenance,
And make me, the Thy grace, dependent on none save Thyself.

Duah when it rains


Allahum maj ‘alhu sa babba raghmatin wa laa taj ‘alhu sa babba ‘athaa bi

O Allah! Make it the cause of Thy blessings and do not make it the cause of trouble.

Duah after meals

Alghamdu lil laa hilla thee ‘at ‘amma naa wa sa qaa naa wa ja ‘alla naa muslimeen

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