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The duah when wearing a new garb(dress)

Allah hum-ma la kal gham du ka maa ta sou ta nee hi
As a lu ka ghay ra hu wa ghay ra maa sun ni ’a laa hoo
Wa  a ’oo thu bi ka min shar ri hee wa shar ri maa sun ni ’a laa hoo



O Allah! All praise is due due to Thee for clothing me in this garb. I beseech from Thee it’s good and the good of what it has been made for. I seek refuge in Thee from it’s evil and the evil of what it has been made for.



The duah when about to have sexual intercourse

Allah hum ma jan nib nash shaytaan, wa jan nib nish shaytaana maa ra zaq ta naa

O Allah! Keep us away from the Shaytaan, and keep the shaytaan away from that which Thou shall grant us.

The duah when blessing a married couple

Baa ra kal laa hu lak, wa baa ra ka ‘a layk, wa jam ‘a bay na ku maa fee khayr

May Allah bless thee and may His blessings fall upon thee and He unite thee both in goodness

A Duah to make after a Meeting

Allah hu maj ’al jam ’a naa haa thaa jam ’an mar ghu maa
Wa ta far ruq naa mim ba’ di hee ta far ruq qu ma’ soo maa
Wa laa taj ’a lil laa hum ma fee naa wa laa ma’ naa wa laa mai yat ba’ oe naa
Sha qiy yaw wa laa magh roo maa wa laa matd roo daa
Rab ba naa laa tu aa ghith naa in na see naa ou agh to’a naa
Rab ba naa wa laa tagh mil ‘a lay naa iss ran ka maa gha mal ta hu ‘’a lal
la thee na min qab li naa. Rab ba naa wa laa tagh mil naa maa laa
taau qot la naa bih. Wa’ fu ’an naa, wahg fir la naa war gham naa
an ta mou laa naa fan sur naa ’a lal qou mil kaa fi reen

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