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Cape Muslim History at a Glance

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1652 – Arrival of first Muslims to this country. Few Malays of Batavia brought to the Cape by the Dutch.

1654 - First Muslim political prisoner arrive at the Cape.

1658 - First Mardyckers (free Muslims) arrive at the Cape from an Indonesian Island called Amboyna.

1667 - Arrival of Orang Cayen, Muslim men of wealth and influence. First to arrive were the rulers of Sumatra, Sheikh Abdurahman Matebe Sha and Sheikh Mahmood. Both now lay buried at Constantia.


1681 - The Cape became the official place of confinement for Eastern political prisoners of rank who opposed Dutch rule. From 1681 a number of princes from Macassar arrived at the Cape and housed in the stables at the Castle of Good Hope.

Inspirations from the Quran - Introduction to the Contributors

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Human memory is greatly enhanced by linking it to an easily recollectable event. This may be demonstrated by the fact that most of our recall of the Jumu’ah khutba hinges on the anecdotes related by the khateeb. By conveying the motivational life experiences of well-known scholars and community leaders, based on their inspiration from specific Quranic verses, it is hoped that this will serve as an impetus for Muslims to imbibe and live by the word of the Quran. Insha-Allah, readers will be able to implement this Divine inspiration in their lives benefitting them in this life and the hereafter.






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