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The Ancient Astronomers of Timbuktu

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Guided by astrophysicist, Dr Thebe Medupe, a group of modern scientists engage in the first exploration of the scientific contents of the manuscript archives of Timbuktu. The film reveals the painstaking work done by conservators and manuscript owners who face the daunting task of conserving the brittle and damaged manuscripts before this valuable history is lost forever in the sands of the Sahara.

Dr Medupe works together with Islamic Science Historian Dr Petra Schmidl on deciphering the meaning and significance of these fascinating papers. With comment from Islamic Science Historians Prof George Saliba and Dr John Steele we reveal the historical background to the information found in the manuscripts and the relevance of Timbuktu’s Islamic history. Throughout the documentary recreations of life in medieval Timbuktu illustrate and enhance discoveries – bringing to life the ancient


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The 15th night of Shabaan is a very blessed night. According to the Hadith Shareef, the name of this Mubarak night is "Nisf Shabaan" which means 15th night of Shabaan. The reason for this special night to attain its name of Laylatul Baraa'ah, meaning the Night of Salvation, Seeking Freedom from Azaab and Calamity, is that in this night the Barkaat and acceptance of repentance may be accomplished. Laylatul Baraa'ah in Persian, as well as in Urdu, is called Shabbe Baraat. It is the night of seeking pardon and repenting to Almighty Allah, remembering our past sins and sincerely settling the mind that one will never commits sins in the future. All the deeds that are against Shari'ah must be totally avoided so that our Du'a and Istighfaar, hopefully, will be accepted. Muslims should check themselves and A'la Hadrat, Imam Ahmed Raza Muhaddith Bareilvi (radi Allahu anhu) has given a beautiful advise in this regard. This great Imam said: "Verily the auspicious night of Shabbe Baraa'a is drawing near when the deeds of the slave will be presented to the Almighty Allah. I humbly supplicate in the Darbar-e-Aqdas of the Almighty Allah that through the Wasila-e-Uzma of Sayyiduna Rasoolullah (sallal laahu alaihi wasallam) He forgives the

Islamic Art scholoarships up for grabs

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KUALA LUMPUR: Cape Malay Consultants' Miss Nazreen Salie returns home to Cape Town this week with an invitation to South Africans interested in studying Islamic Art in Malaysia to apply for the two full scholarships up for grabs.

Cape Malay Consultants, who are the official representative of MIHAS in South Africa, has been participating in "Halal Week Malaysia" and thereafter went on to visit RESTU Foundation at the Garden of Islamic Art, their home in Shah Alam, in the state of Selangor. "Datuk Abdul Latiff Mirasa, well pleased with the success of Restu's recent visit to South Africa, is sponsoring two persons aged 18 - 28 years, fully literate in English and Arabic, artisticallyinclined/with an interest in Islamic Art, 'single' marital status and in possession of a valid passport to study in Malaysia for

Scientific Significance of Miraj

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The Isra and Miraj involved a real journey (rather than a vision or a dream). How was it possible for our Nabi(pbuh) to be transported from Makkah to AlQuds (Jerusalem) and back to Makkah in a fleeting moment? Also how was it possible for the physical being of the prophet to be transported into the transcendental (that which is beyond common thought or experience; mystical or supernatural)  realms and to return to this spatio-temporal (existing in both space and time duration) dimension of existence?

We are faced here with a situation which is virtually identical to that of the ascent of Nabi Isā (pbuh) – if we accept the majority Muslim view that Nabi Isā (pbuh) was transported bodily into the heavens and will return to this world before the end of the world.Now since the physical body occupies space, one cannot in terms of the Qur’anic Guidance, conceive of a physical approach to Allah Who is non-spatial and Who is also : "  With you wherever you may be  (57:4)  " and is : " closer to you than your jugular vein(50:16) "

Dr Rahman Ansari- In his book “ The Quranic Foundation and Structure  of  Muslim Society supports thesis of ‘transformation’ .  “The holy Prophet’s Mi’raj was an


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Rasoolullah (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) is unique is his power of miracles. Every miracle is an individual miracle but the Me'raj is not just one single miracle, but it is the comprehensiveness of numerous miracles. This is such a blessed miracle that we cannot decipher how many other miracles are gathered within it. Hereunder a few of these miracles will be discussed. Think for a moment. When we travel from one city to another with our cars, it takes us at least an hour or two, even though we may travel by means of a very fast car. But our Beloved Nabi (Sallallahu Alaihi Wasallam) journeyed from the earth into the skies, then from the sky of the earth passed all the skies, then to Sidratul Muntaha, the Arsh, the Kursi and it is unknown where else he went to and this where ever is even free from place and thus cannot be regarded as where ever, and yet he travelled this entire journey in a short space of time and then returned. Allah Ta'ala states in the Holy Qur'an, “Glory be to Him Who carried His bondman by night from the sacred Mosque to the Aqsa Mosque around which We have put blessings that We might show him Our grand signs.” [Surah 17, Verse 1] .In this verse, the word “Lail” points to the short space of time. The philosophers have refuted it by saying that, “Time is based on the quantity of motion.”

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