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Let's learn to appreciate our Jumuah Khutbah - by Dr. Muhammed Rafiq Khan

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The Friday sermon or Khutbah is a unique occasion for us as Muslims to align ourselves with the Source of our spiritual and moral sustenance.We are like travellers on a long journey, who need recourse at frequent time intervals, to their compasses and charts, to plot their onward paths in a world of a challenging, changing and uncertain terrain. The time of Jum'ah, like the month of Ramadan, or the occasion of Haj, are important spiritual and moral checkpoints in the life of a Muslim. Asa religious institution of the nascent Muslim Ummah, it served the quintessential purpose of affirming Muslim identity. Hence it is perfectly understandable how serious an offence it is to be absent from consecutive Jum'ah prayers without any valid excuse. The occasion of Jum'ah serves the important function to educate, inspire and remind Muslims of their link with their Creator. The Khutbah or sermon as it's central feature is therefore no ordinary, secular or profane speech, but it has an element of sacredness

Why does Israel do what it does, with impunity? - Sheikh Shaheed@Large

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I did not plan to write further on the impunity of Israel but in response to the question of a very valuable reader Yusuf Mohamed who is the son of one of my role models and mentors, the late Haji Salie Mohamed of Rosmead Supermarket, I am obliged to; and happily do so.

It is almost unanimous when we say that the State of Israel does indeed make sure that it is very easy for the world-wide community to criticise and demonise them for their atrocious behaviour. As a regional superpower they continue to expand their de-facto borders at the expense of their neighbours and their treatment of the oppressed Palestinians is abysmal to say the least. Many believe that the behaviour of the Israeli State is directly contributing to instability in the region and that its behaviour acts as an obstacle to peace. Notwithstanding the above, it is essential to understand the context in which Israel perceives itself to be, the history which spawned thatperception and the religious baggage which accompanies every State action; because only by understanding at least some of the context, is a solution to the Middle East problem likely to arise.

For example, according to many of the ultra-orthodox Jews, who regularly make up government coalitions in the Knesset and thus affect government policy, God

Parity of esteem or partial to esteem? - Sheikh Shaheed Satar

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We are all in favour of freedom of expression, debate and an exchange of views; at least most of us who subscribe to democracy and human rights; especially those mute moderate Muslim majorities who are not called “extreme liberal devils” as your Muslim (sic) writer has alluded to. I never wished to respond to his ravings and rantings, his obnoxious racism and highly opinionated arrogance but the pressure from certain circles in the Muslim community does compel me to. We all have opinions, and increasingly want to share them with as many people as possible. The media that facilitates this has also proliferated, from the mass market tabloids (print and television) to internet sites, blogs, Twitter, Face-book and other social networks. We all believe that our opinions matter, have substance and to some degree our opinions define who we are and our allegiances, especially when we dare to justify the prohibition of necessary photos for identification purposes in the twenty first (21st) century. Sharing those opinions with others, of the same, similar or different attitudes, garners

INNER DIMENSIONS - Good deeds and the Spiritual Life Sheikh Ahmed Hendricks

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Good deeds (al'amal as-salih) are fundamental to the spiritual life. We.improve or enhance our personal spirituality  through increasing our good deeds or through improving the quality of the good deeds we already practise regularly. It is therefore crucial that we derstand the nature and purpose of good deeds correctly and as deeply as possible. Are we instructed by Islam to live the pious life for its own sake, or are there deeper levels of meaning to the simple good deed like dhikr (remembrance), salah and sadaqah (charitable actions) for example. Related to this issue is the whole question of sin (dhanb). What is a sin and why must we avoid it? In this

Profile Faiq Abrahams

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Faiq Abrahams, Voice of the Cape's intellectual and linguistic talent was harvested from the principal wheat land of South Africa and the country's breadbasket known as Malmesbury. Faiq Abrahams was nurtured, cultured and flowered on the same black, fertile soil of the Swartland which yields the luxuriant golden wheat crops in Spring. He is the son of Hadji Fatima and Ebrahim (klonkies) but also the great son of the soil and community of the Valley of the Diep River - Malmesbury. How did this Pentech Commerce graduate grow and develop into the confident, multi-talented person with a deep love to serve his community?

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